Dont know what to do?

by kdp

Dear stella,

im really in a need of someones from india and come from cultured 23 years old and is in love from 10 years that is from my school life.our relatioship lasted through many problems,hurdles and tensions.he proposed me and i happily accepted though i knew that theres no chance that my parents will agree for our marriage as he is of other caste and somewhat comes from a low class family.the problem is he used to love me in every way i know and now he is hurting me in every way.he changed gradually from all these suddenly hes like i dont want you,i hate you,ur proud u wont be nice in my family,i hate to hear your voice also.....i just cant bear all this stuff.he didnt even complete his degree and was involved in some issues,but i never changed and my love for him is like growing every minute.i tried to adjust a adjusting even now just because i cant live without him even for a minute.he abuses me with bad words and even comes to beat me when angry.still im not willing to live without love wont waver and i wont give up my relationship.he like girls should not open their mouth infront of husband and inlaws they should be like servants and shouldnt be proud.if im nice to you, you will be on my head.just leave me its better for both of us..
but how i can never live without him but im not able to live like this i mean always unhappy and crying all night..
please help me out i dont know what to do.does the mistake lies with me.
please dont say to leave him.just suggest me some thing to change i just want some love and repspect from him which he said not to expect.but i cant leave myhope please help me out!!!!!
im begging u.

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Dear KDP
by: Anonymous

Being young and in love is a very confusing time in your life the one thing i have learned in my long life is you cannot make someone love you no matter how hard you try. you need to think about that maybe he will change his mind but if he does not you have to accept it and move on and fine someone who will love you Always

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