"Food For Lovers!"
"Learn the Art of Culinary Seduction", 
                                      copyright 2006,
                            By the FindLove-KeepLove Gang

If you only have one cookbook in your kitchen, let it be this one! It's a labor of love by all the girls here at FL-KL. This is one excellent, all-around meal prep guide for singles and big hungry families, as well as loving couples. It would make a great wedding present... or a unique gift for the bachelor who has everything! Click here to learn more about this amazing cookbook packed with the best "soulfood" recipes around.

joy of cooking another cookbook for romantic recipes menus   "The Joy of Cooking"
                        by Marion Rombauer Becker

Alright, next in line on your shelf... the "Cook's Bible"...Your mother and grandmother probably learned to cook from this classic. An absolute must-have for any kitchen.  Interesting reading in general, it will painlessly turn you into an accomplished chef. A soulfood cookbooks review.

bhg cookbook a great resource cookbook for collection  "Better Homes & Gardens New Cookbook"

A great all-around reference book for your kitchen. Mine's broth-stained, flour-dusted and dog-eared. Yours will get that way, too, as you'll use it often.. Thorough and informative, from how to stock a great pantry and purchase needed cooking equipment, to selection of the right piece of beef for Chateaubriand. Get the one in the ring binder. A soulfood cookbooks review.

best recipes for your man great resource guide    "The New Best Recipe", by the
                          Editors of Cook's Magazine

Awesome recipes from Cook's Illustrated's Test Kitchen. They set out to find  "the best mac 'n cheese", "the best brownie", "the best meatloaf"... you get the idea.  With each recipe, they explain all the different methods they tried til they came up with the perfect one. A very popular cookbook, some of the recipes can get a little complicated. But everything we've tried came out great, first and every time. A soulfood cookbooks review.

barefoot contessa family style cooking for romantic meals    "The Barefoot Contessa, Family Style",
                                  -by Ina Garten

Sinfully delicious versions of honest, straightforward food. This cookbook teaches you to cook irresistible meals for warm family meals, with a minimum of fuss. Who couldn't use a collection of wonderful recipes for comfort foods? A soulfood cookbooks review.

rachel ray 30 minutes to cook great home meal for guys        rachel ray another volume of great quick recipes and menus       

"Rachael Ray's 30 Minute Meals", Volume 1
 "Rachael Ray's 30 Minute Meals", Volume 2

Rachael Ray is the Food Network Guru, showing you how to presen great food from your kitchen, in half an hour! She uses a lot of fresh ingredients, cooked up healthy and delicious. Unpretentious recipes and meal plans anyone would be proud to serve... for company or on trays set in front of the TV. A soulfood cookbooks review.

gas grill gourmet great guide and recipes for the grilliing man   "Gas Grill Gourmet", by A. Cort Sinnes

You gotta have it... a gas barbecue grill. Once you've used one, you won't go back to charcoal. Even a modest single burner will do for tasty pesto chicken breasts or thick juicy pork chops pronto! And if there's a man in the house, a gas grill is an absolute necessity. This cookbook covers the basics, then gets adventurous. Versatile, informative and user-friendly, the guide is useful for casual home cooking and weekend entertaining. A soulfood cookbooks review.

weight watchers cookbook for healthy menus and recipes        weight watchers quick meals cookbook for healthy eating 
"Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook" and
   "Weight Watchers Make It In Minutes"

For those of you following the Weight Watchers Points weight-loss program, two official cookbooks to ease you on your way. Losing weight is all about variety and balance. WW captures the essence of healthy, wholesome eating with these recipe collections. Included are low-fat cooking techniques as well as the basics of the WW plan, tips and ideas for success. "Make it in Minutes" is for the woman-on-the-go--- fast and easy cuisine that fits right in with your new slenderizing lifestyle. Faster and cheaper than take-out; deliciously healthy. A soulfood cookbooks review.

seductive cooking for adventurous sensuous couples  

"InterCourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook",
    -by Martha Hopkins & Randall Lockridge

As delicious and sensuous to look at as the dishes are to eat. This book offers 85 heart-melting, passion-raising dishes, presented in a visually luscious manner that will have you looking at food in a whole new light. The dishes are striking and adventurous, yet simple to prepare. Spectacular photography... gourmet recipes... exotic and erotic...

                NOW FOR SOME FUN...
                 COOKIN' COUPLES

Soulfood cookbooks review...
Now, to continue your tour of our "soulfood" cookbooks review, we include these fun volumes to round out your collection:

dinner dates cookbook for a couple to work together   

"Dinner Dates:
A Cookbook for Couples Cooking Together" 
by Martha Cotton

What a great idea! Recipes are divided into Chef Uno & Chef Due. Split the cooking chores and create tantalizing, romantic meals together. The meals are fancy and elegant, yet simple to do with two pitching in. Uncork a chilled bottle of Chablis and let the fun begin!

(*Note: we almost deleted this fun cookbook, as we could not find it cheaper than $120, even used! It's just a little paperback, and we are intrigued as to why it costs so darn much. We got it for $10 last year. So we decided to leave it in here. Let's see what happens...)

seduction cookbook culinary creations for lovers to enjoy    

"The Seduction Cookbook:
Culinary Creations for Lovers",
        -by Diane Brown

The author explains that cooking and seduction are arts that involve the hand, the heart and the head. Both thrive on passion, and this charming cookbook helps you intertwine the food and love experience into one. The recipes are unusual and elegant, meant to inspire and seduce. Enjoy!

            THE MENUS & MUSIC SERIES  

Soulfood cookbooks review...
Sharon O'Connor is a musician, author, and cook who combines her love of music, food and travel in the "Menus & Music" series of cookbooks. These elegant packages combine recipes from around the world with beautiful music CDs appropriate to the theme. What a lovely way to bring romance, and great cuisine, into your home! They make an inspired gift, too.

 dinners for two gourmet cuisine from romantic country inns  "Dinners for Two", by Sharon O'Connor

The recipes are a little involved, but gourmet cuisine is the result. Recipes are from some of the finest country inns of North America. Included is a lovely, soothing CD of classical music by the San Francisco String Quartet. The perfect duo for unforgettable, romantic meals together.

italian intermezzo extraordinary feasts for romantic lovers "Italian Intermezzo", by Sharon O'Connor

Extraordinary Italian feasts from 21 of the finest chefs in Italy and the U.S. Some of the recipes are lengthy, but also included are simple traditional Italian meals. The accompanying CD by the Pizzarelli-Peplowski Sextet is perfect, providing varied sounds of Italy, from Neapolitan songs and opera to pop and movie songs. Inspiring and delicioso!

bistro gourmet recipes from french bistros for lovers        "Bistro", by Sharon O'Connor

Gourmet recipes from some of Paris' most celebrated Bistros, coupled with a disc of tunes from Edith Piaf, Django Reinhardt and George Gershwin, set a stylish and romantic Parisian mood. Classic dishes capture the tastes of easy, old-fashioned French cooking. Bon appetit!

tasting the wine country recipes from romantic inns   

"Tasting the Wine Country:
Recipes from Romantic Inns and Resorts", 
        -by Sharon O'Connor

Great food, wine and music combine to create perfect getaways right at home. There are over 100 recipes from classy country inns and resorts throughout the wine country. Included is a joyful music CD with classical, Bluegrass, Latin and jazz.. What a great escape!

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