Excruciating heartbreak!!

by Alex

Dear Stella
I am writing in hopes of some answers. I have been in a relationship
With a younger man for the last 5.5 yrs, totally fallen in love
With someone who made me feel and believe we were soulmates!! Right up to the day I found
Out that he has been cheating on me with another woman since late last winter!! We just recently broke up on Dec 12 ,2011
And I found out the facts of his infidelity on Dec 22, 2011. He told me he still loves me and missed and missed everything about lol
Me right up until that very day?! I contacted the other
Woman and gave get the details of what he's been lying to both of us
About and his whereabouts when he wasn't with her.
I am devastated that he is with her and I'm the one left alone to
Suffer all the pain in this aftermath. Now I'm obsessing over whether he
Ever truly loved me and can't help picturing the 2 of them being initimate. It's causing great anxiety and mental and emotional pain!! Please give me some answers!!

Answer from Stella:

Hi Alex,

Once a cheater, always a cheater. Get this loser out of your life, take your lumps and try to understand that it is over. It is very hard and painful right now, but you will eventually heal and move on. There are good men out there who do not cheat! Find one...

Hope this helps!

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