Falling for him . . .

by Hopeless Romantic

Dear Stella,
The boy I like is two years older than me. I see A LOT around school, and almost all the field trips i up going on he goes too. But I think he likes me back? I see him and got close to him. At one point he brushed my butt. But also, I see him looking at me. Most of time he looks away, but sometimes he lingers for a moment. I REALLY like this kid, but I'm afraid that if I don't make a move, he'll b out of my reach or get a girl. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!


Answer from Stella:

What a classic problem you are describing... NO, DO NOT MAKE A MOVE. This will push him away, trust me. Stay light, casual and friendly. Let things unfold on their own if they were meant to. Needy desperation is a turn off!

Hope this helps!

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