fantasy best friends mum and found my soul mate in her

by Leo

Hi stella, im a 28year old male an fantasy; my best friends mum who is 48years old. I have always really liked her an know she likes me but don't no if she likes me in that way, we see each other nearly every day. Recently we had a drink 2geder an were flirting with one an other i was going to make a move and kiss her but was afraid in case i made a fool of my self. and i think shes my soulmate. what should i do.


Answer from Stella:

Hi Leo,
At 28, you are a full-blown, all grown up man. Age differences mean little the older you get. My advice is to go very slowly, be her "friend first". No brash moves like kissing her. Start by asking her out on a real date, this will give her the message you are interested in a relationship. Her response to that will probably give you the answer you need. Good luck!

Hope this helps!

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