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Cooking direction...
You've been hearing it all your life, haven't you?
                         sly fox getting xray of his stomach
   "The way to a man's heart is
       through his stomach!


   Guess What?
  We finally finished
  our most excellent
  new cookbook!

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But... in your ripe old age, you've probably come to realize that the best route is actually..... a little further south than that...

                                   compass directions showing south

     ...but food helps!

      THE ART OF CULINARY SEDUCTIONsmall love heart with arrow piercing it

It's soulful, food is, with emotional strings attached from infancy. And food alone will NOT a relationship make... But everyone LOVES food... and there's something satisfying in serving up palate-pleasing comfort foods. It conveys warmth and caring.

And we advocate men in the kitchen, too! It goes both ways, guys. Get a little cooking direction for yourself from our website. You can not imagine how many points you would win for presenting your woman with a juicy steak, baked potato and a crisp green salad... and it's easier than you think.

Grab ahold of our new cookbook...  for a great collection of easy, soul-satisfying recipes that will help make your culinary pursuits more enjoyable and successful... for both of you.


Just don't let this happen to you:


To get you both started on the road to culinary excellence, we present easy cooking direction in this Tastes section:

  • Stella's collection of essential cookbooks, and other goodies for adventurous cookin' couples
  • 6 special romantic dinner menus, complete with free recipes and our compact Wine Guide
  • 4 secret surprise picnics to try out on your sweetheart, plus, a nifty Cheese Primer
  • Grillin' & chillin'...  oh, yeah!


     ESSENTIAL COOKBOOK COLLECTION  small love heart with arrow piercing it

Cooking direction... for the culinary impaired...

We list here a handful of our favorite classics. This took a lot of thought, and some really good books didn't make the cut. But we wanted to keep it simple and manageable...These books would start an excellent reference library for your kitchen. Get these first, then add specialty cookbooks as your skill grows. And don't miss our new lovers cookbook entitled "Food For Lovers!"


                                                          woman holding cookbook while she cooks romantic meal

The key to becoming a good cook... you can easily teach yourself! Read these books carefully...not just the dishes, the information... then follow the recipe directions exactly... (Joy Of Cooking is great for this). Soon, you will come to understand what you are doing... and in no time, you'll be whipping out gastronomic masterpieces!

                                    row of colorful essential cookbooks to feed your man

                    CLICK HERE FOR STELLA'S
                   9 ESSENTIAL COOKBOOKS
                          COOKIN' COUPLES)

              MENUS & RECIPES-small love heart with arrow piercing it
              SENSUOUS SOUL FOOD 

Romantic cooking direction...
Now we share with you a small collection of our favorite recipes and most memorable romantic dinner menus... all are beloved time-tested dishes!

                      beautiful couple dining out at twilight how romantic

                      STELLA'S EXTRA SPECIAL
                            CHOICE MENU IDEAS


          ROMANTIC PICNICS FOR TWO  small love heart with arrow piercing it

Dining al fresco is IT! Outdoors, you know, in a lush green forest, by the seashore, or even in your own backyard.  It's dreamy, rich, luxurious. It lends itself to romance, and earns you points! Amaze your lover this weekend...

                                                          couple in the forest having romantic picnic under tree



      NOW, A WORD ABOUT GRILLING...small love heart with arrow piercing it


You gotta get a grill...get a gas one... it doesn't have to be fancy. Once it's used once, you get the same smoky barbecue taste as charcoal, yet with the convenience of gas. If you are a woman living alone, you must have one for tasty chicken breasts al pesto or thick, juicy pork chops...
     ...for a quick dinner alone or weekend entertaining.

                                                   red gas grill for cooking romantic dinners

And, if there's a man on scene... he needs cooking direction, too...he must have a grill and learn to use it. It's good for a man's soul...primeval......

Here's the thing about a man and his barbecue...he pits himself against the elements (Fire), reveals supreme skill and talent with his tools (grill and utensils), and emerges victorious (by serving up a killer steak or rack of ribs). It's quite a thrill for him...that's why he never barbecues alone or wants help from his woman (less glory).

A gas grill would make a fantastic gift for your guy. Buy him a set of barbecue utensils, and check out Stella's review of "Gas Grill Gourmet" in the cookbook section... Package it all up...and present the perfect gift to the man who has everything! Check out these two elegant sets:


                                silhouette of a man and his barbecue       

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