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We've taken all the confusion and mystery out of Feng Shui for you, and boiled it all down into this easy to follow guide.

  • First, you'll draw your bagua
  • Then, decorate the love corner of your house
  • Don't forget the bedroom:
    Bed, clutter and dust, lighting, color scheme,
            texture, smells, taste and sounds, mirrors,
            crystals and windows
  • Positive energy cures for your bedroom
  • Definite boudoir NO-NOs
  • A final word about Feng Shui, & a gentle warning...

Come along, and let's get started first on the love section of your house.

           FENG SHUI BEDROOM TIPS  small love heart with arrow piercing it

Feng shui bedroom tips...

1. Make a simple sketch of your house, from a bird's-eye view... Place the front door at the bottom of the page. Use the formal  front door, as the architect intended, not the garage door you  use instead. And forget the compass!

2. Superimpose over the houseplan a "tic-tac-toe" (cut the home into 9 equal boxes). This plat is called the bagua, and each section, called a gua,  represents a different aspect of your life. (More on that later). For now, we'll concentrate on just one section.

  The right-rear corner is your "love & relationship" corner. It doesn't matter if it's your bathroom, or the garage. That's the spot you're going to enhance first with Feng Shui.

4. If your house is not a complete rectangle, your love corner may  be missing.  And that might just explain a lot. But don't panic, there's a cure for a missing love section. Outside, where the  space should be, "fix it" by placing something special there--- like a bird feeder, bench or garden loveseat, fountain, rose  bush or plant a colorful small tree, like Chinese Maple.

5. That's your bagua! You've mapped out your strategy!

                     diagram of a house separated into nine baguas   

         FENG SHUI BEDROOM TIPS  small love heart with arrow piercing it
             DECORATE YOUR LOVE &
               RELATIONSHIP CORNER  

Feng Shui bedroom tips...
Okay, so what's in your love corner? Is it a cluttered office or  storage room? A smelly bathroom,  piled high with dirty laundry?  If you're lucky, it's your bedroom, and you can kill two birds with one stone. No matter, any space can be arranged and tweaked  to enhance romance. Just follow these easy steps:

  •  It must be made clean and neat. Even if it's a messy garage, you will have to give it a thorough spring cleaning and scrubbing. Organize and get rid of clutter. Make it sparkle. Out with the old (failed romances) and in with the new.
  •  Fix anything that's broken in there. Even burnt out light bulbs. Get it?
  • Think of something you can add to the space that makes it happier or special. A striking piece of sculpture, a beautiful and exotic houseplant, framed photos of happy couples, a worn but sturdy antique table. So what if it's just the laundry room...it's a special place... remember?
  •  Think TWO. Place items in groups of two. Use the colors red, pink or white, and think of romantic symbols. Examples: 2 red candles, 2 champagne glasses, 2 chairs, 2 plants, 2 firecrackers, 2 pink candy hearts. And tuck some sexy red lingerie in there somewhere.         

                                                candy valentine hearts with romantic sayings on them
  • Think BALANCE. You don't want the area too feminine and frilly, but you don't want it too utilitarian and masculine, either. There's a tendency to decorate this special place with too  many romantic and feminine items. Don't. Add some wood and brass to the red velvet and satin hearts. You don't have to follow ALL of our suggestions. Just pick a few of the ones that make sense for you. Remember, clean, uncluttered spaces are more conducive to romance.

Other favorable "cures" for your love corner:

                                            couple in hot tub under the stars drinking wine

Feng Shui bedroom tips...

  • Flowers, fresh and sharp, never droopy or dying. (Never keep  dried flowers in your home)
  • A round mirror, crystals (must be kept shiny and clean)
  • Healthy houseplants  or mistletoe (no dust)
  • A hot tub (life is short)
  • Chimes or bells for pleasant sounds
  • Bamboo flute (a traditional Chinese cure, if you can find one)
  • Goldfish bowl (no dead fish)

 Negative energy no-nos:

  • Anything that's dead: plants, flowers, insects, ashes from your deceased grandmother
  • Cactus or Venus fly-trap
  • Weapons, guns, knives, medieval armor, chastity belt
  • Twin bed, stuffed animals, toys, games
  • Distractions; TV, computer, fax machine (keep hidden in a cabinet if they must stay)
  • Clutter and dirt
  • Litter boxes and hamster cages

                                               mean looking venus fly trap
Focus your energy on this special area of your house. Carefully  decorate and balance it, and think loving thoughts as you go along.  Keep in your mind that you are doing this to invite your perfect  soul mate into your life... and aren't you?


         NOW, ON TO THE BEDROOM...small love heart with arrow piercing it

Feng Shui bedroom tips...
Feng Shui tells us to enhance our relationship corner if we want to  fix our love lives. But don't neglect your bedroom! Obviously, you  want to make it romance-enhancing, as well.

Today's busy, active lifestyle has probably spilled over into your  bedroom. There's probably an exercise bike or treadmill in the  corner. Your bedroom  may double as your home office, with a space-eating  computer and noisy fax machine. And likely, a TV set sits on top of  your dresser... Am I describing your bedroom?

This type of sleep atmosphere precludes calming rest and balanced  energy. It contributes to stress and may promote chronic pain and  exhaustion! Have you forgotten what a bedroom is for? Have you  taken away your last refuge from the cold, crazy world outside?

Re-claim your bedroom! We'll help you turn it into an oasis of  rest, privacy, renewal... and romance. Let's make it a warm, intimate  and safe haven in which to relax and recharge.

                     calm and cool looking bedroom nicely decorated

                  FENG SHUI BEDROOM TIPS  small love heart with arrow piercing it
                FIRST, THE BED...


Feng Shui bedroom tips...
Start with the focal point of the room, the bed. Your bed rules ! Tell me you're not sleeping on a twin bed, okay? Every adult deserves at least a double bed, even if they're sleepin' single. And if you have the space and money, go all out... get a king-sized bed.

Forget the pink canopy you've always wanted, though. The canopy will block the free flow of Chi  in the room. And what man really  wants to sleep in a canopy bed, anyway?

Here's some more feng shui bedroom tips for you:

  • Don't fill up your bed with lacy throw pillows and stuffed animals. There won't be any room for him in there (besides, he'll hate them). Balance the room equally between feminine and masculine. Follow your gut here. Balance between light and dark colors, and soft and hard surfaces, smooth and rough... Balance...
  • If you're still sleeping on a mattress from a previous marriage or long-term relationship...out it goes. Change the linens and pillows, too. For that matter, re-arrange your room and move the bed, if at all possible. Time for a fresh start.
  • Now, about the position of your bed...it matters. Don't slam one side of the bed up against the wall. Pull it out so he can get in and out easily. Don't have the end of the bed pointing to a door. Trust me on this one. Don't put the head of the bed on a wall with plumbing running through it. The sound of running water can be pleasant, but not from a flushing toilet. 
  • Don't "float" your bed away from the wall, or you'll never have a "grounded" relationship. Try to make the view from the head of the bed a pleasant one, if at all possible. Hang a nice piece of artwork so you'll see it first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
  • Don't store anything under your bed, especially weapons. Very bad for free energy flow. Keep it clean and vacuumed under there. Same reason.  Get your bed up off the floor to allow for good flow under it. Kinda hard with a water bed, I suppose.
  • Place a nightstand on each side of the bed. Matching ones are good, but roughly equal in size will be okay. Place matching lamps on them. Harmony. Leave the nightstand drawers on his side empty, so he'll have room for his stuff. Decorate his side with things you think he might like. Keep it clean, dusted and pleasant over there.
  • Bed linens---think natural, comfortable, sensuous. Now what does that translate into? Silk, cotton or linen. Get the BEST. Use flannel or fleece in the winter; silk, satin or cool cotton in the summer. No synthetics. Use light or pastel colors with earthy accents (beige, pink, peach, caramel, coral, lavender, terra cotta, raspberry or burgundy). No black or grey sheets. No black bedrooms! That's the color of death. Black accents are fine.
                                                    woman sleeping alone on a nice double bed

   NOW, FOR THE REST OF THE STORY...small love heart with arrow piercing it

Feng Shui bedroom tips...
Is your home office really in your bedroom? You need to give serious thought to moving it out, for Feng Shui reasons, as well  as practical, health-related ones. Put it in your living room if you  don't have a spare bedroom. That way, when you finish with business, you can leave it.

Same goes with exercise equipment...when's the last time you got  on that Bow Flex? I thought so. Get it outta there. Put it in the garage or on the back porch. Don't let it ruin your sumptuous  new den of passion and romance.

Any other distractions should be removed, as well. If you want  to keep a TV in there, fine, but use it to watch romantic or classic  DVDs with your honey, not to watch Gilligan's Island reruns because you have nothing better to do with your time.

Stereo  equipment, TV sets and other electronic equipment should be  hidden in cabinets, an armoire, or somehow screened from view.

Consider adding the following furniture if you have the room:

  • Soft, padded seating with curved, rounded lines, either 2 chairs, a loveseat, or even a couch or chaise lounge.
  • Add an antique floor lamp to the seating for intimate reading.


Feng Shui bedroom tips...
You want to keep the atmosphere in your bedroom calming and  peaceful. Keep the decor simple and restful, not busy and littered.  Get rid of all the old dust-catching knickknacks that you don't really  love anyway. Keep dirty clothes in a covered basket. Keep pill bottles stowed in a drawer, not on the bedside table. The less  clutter, the easier the flow of Chi. Follow these other guidelines:

  • Look around your bedroom. What things do you love about it? Enhance these aspects. Only keep items that you love and that have special meaning on display. Get rid of half the junk in the room. Leave space for new things to enter your life.
  • Any items with bad memories, from a previous relationship, or just with negative vibes or feelings---don't belong in here.
  • Take the time to clean out and straighten your closet, dressers, cabinets and bookshelves. Clutter, even behind closed doors, contributes to stress and confusion.


Feng Shui bedroom tips...
You want to keep lighting low, subtle, sensuous. No bright spotlights  or hideous fluorescent bulbs. How to get the best lighting?

  • Install a dimmer or rheostat on the wall switch. It's easy (ask the guy at Home Depot), and creates an atmosphere of mystery and luxury. P.S.: Install them in the rest of your house, too.
  • Candles are mahvelous, dahling. The scented kind are best. What a sensuous and romantic atmosphere they impart!

                                                romantic table setting with wine glasses and candles


Feng Shui bedroom tips...
Color has a subtle influence on emotions. You want to keep your  color palette subtle, as well. Muted and soft colors work best for  large areas of color--- like the walls and flooring.

  • Use a color scheme of softly complementary colors, not sharply contrasting ones. No neon green or shiny black. Earth colors are favored for restful bedrooms, like soft greens, muted browns and beiges, terra cotta.
  • Keep in mind that red, pink and white are the romance colors for  Feng Shui, but use them sparingly, as accents. Red makes a great accent color for many color schemes, and increases passion.
  • Peach is a special color for attracting a good man. Add 2 peach candles to your 2 red ones, or better yet, paint one wall peach, if it fits in with your color scheme.

Take the time to plan your color scheme carefully. We have given  just a few suggestions here for favored colors. But you want to  coordinate the whole thing so the effect  is pleasant and soothing.

Here's a good way to start: Search for the perfect quilt or bedspread  for your new king bed; look for calm, complementary colors.  Make sure you love the pattern and colors, and can live with them. Then construct your whole color scheme around it. If you're just  not good at this, enroll the help of a talented and artistic friend. 
                                                colorful textured chinese lanterns


Feng Shui bedroom tips...
Make your bedroom rich with texture. Use soft, natural bed linens,  but add textured accents to the room by adding velvet, silk,  tassels, leather, and feathers to the mix. Luxurious fabrics can be  seductive.


Feng Shui bedroom tips...
Never underestimate the power the senses have over emotions.  Try these simple feng shui cures:

                                               chinese gong on wooden frame       

  • Scented candles and oils
  • Burn sage as you would incense
  • Soothing music or tapes of nature sounds
  • Bowl of fresh fruit (replace when they've passed their prime)
  • Bowl of Hershey's kisses (Chocolate rules! It's an aphrodisiac).
  • The following scents are recommended (one at a time): Jasmine, rose, sandalwood, geranium, orange, sweet almond.
  • Small wind chimes or bells,  musical instruments
  • A bottle of champagne and 2 crystal glasses; keep 'em dusted...


Feng Shui bedroom tips...
Glass can be energizing for your space, but must be kept clean  and polished!

  • Install a small chandelier in place of your overhead light (if it is in harmony with the decor)
  • Get a crystal pull chain for the ceiling fan (Home Depot or Wal Mart)
  • Find a crystal heart in your travels. Tuck it away in your bedroom.
  • If you must have a window over your bed, put shutters on it and soften the whole thing with drapes or curtains.
  • Put drapes over all  the bedroom windows.
  • Do not put a mirror over your bed, or worse yet, on the ceiling over your bed. You will never find proper rest in that bed. And, it's tacky. If you do have large mirrors in your bedroom, drape them with fabric, and cover them at night to calm the energy.
  • In the same vein, don't have any mirrors where you can see your reflection from the bed. That disturbs your rest, too.

       POSITIVE ENERGY CURES FOR  small love heart with arrow piercing it
               YOUR BOUDOIR 

                                                two red roses in a crystal vase the symbol of love
Feng Shui bedroom tips...

  • Sensuous artwork
  • Lively plants, clean and healthy, just a few
  • Cut flowers, in their prime, not too many
  • 2 red roses in a crystal vase (Wow!)
  • A framed picture of a pair of doves (they mate for life)
  • Curves, arches and circles
  • Close the door when you go to bed
  • Tie 2 red ribbons to your doorknob
  • A framed picture or painting of 2 (hopefully mated) animals
  • When you've found your man, slip a figurine of a dog in there somewhere (they represent faithfulness). Don't tell him why.


                                           mace and shield weapons from medieval times

  • No dead or dying plants or flowers; dried flowers or grasses. It's not enough to keep them out of the bedroom; get them out of your house!
  • No toys, stuffed animals or games. Time to grow up!
  • No clock with red numbers on the face (negative energy); find one with white or green numbers instead
  • No refrigerator in the bedroom (frigid influence)
  • No family photos or old lovers on display; this place is private!
  • No pictures or artwork of single things; take them down and replace with couples. Smiling couples.
  • No hanging weapons; knives, swords; no guns under the bed (this is killing energy)
  • No religious altars, or memorials to deceased lovers in the bedroom. Never keep ashes of deceased family members or spouses in your bedroom. Not good to keep in your house at all. (Bad Karma). Find a mausoleum or scatter the ashes in the forest. (Good Karma).
  • Never put symbols of love or romance in your bathroom...they will be killed by human waste. Keep the bathroom door closed...as well as the toilet lid.

         FENG SHUI BEDROOM TIPS  small love heart with arrow piercing it

Feng Shui bedroom tips...
Keep your goal in mind as you decorate your bedroom.  You want to  create a quiet, private, personal domain for retreat and rest. Celebrate your senses, create an oasis of pleasure...an adult refuge from the troubles and cares of the outside world.

Don't let your bedroom be a "family room",  open to casual traffic  by children, pets and other guests.  Preserve the intimacy of the  place. Insist that children knock and ask for permission to enter.

Never share your bed for the night with children or pets. You'll  never get them out. This  is your private retreat. Treat it with  respect, and demand it from  others.

Now for the warning: Take Feng Shui with a grain of salt, and have  fun with it. A lot of it is just good common sense and tasteful decoration. Follow these principles and you're sure to turn your home into a more comfortable, neat and organized place, if not a...
.......... LOVE SHACK, baby !!!

But don't let it rule your life, any more than you would let astrology  or Tarot take over. And, for Heaven sake, do NOT pay for a Feng  Shui consultant to come over. You can learn what you need from  this guide, or  books. Save the cash.

                                woman relaxing on colorful bedspread

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