So what is this
thing called
Feng Shui?
Technically, it's
the ancient
Chinese art of placement... arranging your environment for maximum harmony.

"The best and most beautiful things in the world
      cannot be seen or even touched. They must be
      felt within the heart"-
                          --Helen Keller (1880-1968)

Free Feng Shui tips...

Now, you might be thinking... here we go again with that magic stuff.
Oh, c'mon, now, lighten up. Feng Shui isn't magic! Keep an open mind
and heart... follow these time-honored oriental guidelines... and
nurture your spiritual self.

Feng Shui is fun...creative...and safe. You have nothing to lose by
trying it... and everything to gain.

                                                          love house with red hearts coming out of chimney
Below, we present a brief history, tell you how Feng Shui really
works, and don't miss our simplified, compact Guide to Feng Shui
for Romance
below... (loaded with tons of free feng shui tips).

Free Feng Shui tips...
Nowadays, in our Western culture, we have become accustomed
to a hectic, cluttered, complicated way of life. We are stressed
out and uptight. We yearn for relief from our daily hassles, but
don't know where to turn. So we escape as best we can...with our
computers, television sets and cocktails. 

                                                              martini with olive

We have much to learn from ancient Chinese culture... a simpler,
cleaner, more spiritual way of life. Feng Shui is a way to connect
with this tradition. It does not conflict with your faith, as it has
nothing to do with religion. Practice the art of Feng Shui with
respect and reverence for the culture from which it comes and
you can't go wrong.

Okay, got you interested? In Feng Shui, you arrange, remove and
add objects within your home to promote the easy flow of Chi, or
energy, through it. Guidelines help you achieve the balance of
nature within your own intimate environment. In "uncluttering"
your space, you "unclutter" your head, and your soul. This clean
balance promotes peace and harmony in your life in general.

                     little green bonai tree

Okay, so Bonsai is Japanese, not Chinese. But we felt this tree
symbolized a kinder,  gentler life perfectly, so it stays...

Read this quick article for another take on the oriental view of life:

        Grandma was right! Learning to Forgive with Feng Shui

              FREE FENG SHUI TIPS  small love heart with arrow piercing it

Free Feng Shui tips....
Over 3,000 years ago, the Chinese practiced the art of Geomancy
following the rhythms and energy lines of the earth. That
knowledge came to be known as FENG (wind), which is invisible;
and SHUI (water), which cannot be grasped, or is elusive.  FENG

The knowledge of Feng Shui in the beginning was considered
privileged information, and was secretly held by the nobility.
The masses lived in ignorance.

The Form School  of Feng Shui, believed to be the original form,
was studied by masters. It eventually began to be taught to
apprentices. This was serious stuff!
compass symbol for feng shui

Free Feng Shui tips....
Then came the Chinese invention of the Luopan compass. That's
all they needed to turn Feng Shui into a technical science, with
complex formulas, land and water "forms" and complicated
observations to to be applied. Why, they Feng Shuied whole cities!                                       

                    pagoda in chinese city
Jeez! Thank God it's now simplified! In the Western world today,
Feng Shui exists in two major "camps"--- The Compass School, and
the Black Hat Sect. Both are popular with "New Agers" and other
free spirits, and are applied to your home for peace and harmony
or to your business to create a productive atmosphere.

The Compass School still uses a compass to align your house and
divide it into sections. The  Black Hat school uses your front door
as a beginning reference point.

                                               black hat symbolizing black hat sect of feng shui

             FREE FENG SHUI TIPS   
              HOW DOES FENG SHUI WORK?   

Free Feng Shui tips...

Feng Shui doesn't work by itself. I found this out the hard way...
You can have your Relationship Corner all buffed and sweet...
cozy with an overstuffed chair and two flickering candles...bright
and alive with sparkling crystals and healthy green plants...
passionate with sexy red lingerie tucked into the Relationship
Corner of your Relationship Corner......and nothing will happen!
      ...Love will not come a'knockin' at your door...

                                cute little house with welcome mat at front door

...unless you contribute your own energy, loving thoughts and will
to the mix.

Feng Shui kinda represents everything we've been trying to say
about finding love in this website. Feng Shui is as much about
changing yourself as it is about changing your space. (Just as
love is as much about changing your attitude as it is about
changing your appearance). Both are important, and one doesn't
work without the other.

So how do you apply these lofty ideals as you go about Feng
Shuing your apartment?  Make adjustments in your space by
applying each cure or placing each object with purpose, with
loving care. Intend that your reason for fine-tuning your home
is so that your future will be filled with loving romance. And it
will be so.

It's intention that makes Feng Shui work. If you will love to
enter your life, it will. Not because of magic or voodoo, but
because you have changed your attitude, your energy.

You create your own luck in love. Take the time to find the
little well- spring of love within yourself. It's there. Get in
touch with it. Treat yourself with tender loving care, and pay
careful attention to your digs, as well. 

In so doing, you will create an environment of peace and
happiness that will act as a magnet to attract good, positive
things into your life...  including love and romance.

                 oriental painting of birds flying over moon with bamboo

Got you confused? Oh, heck, just remember this...
If you build it, they will come....

 Now let's get started...

             FREE FENG SHUI TIPS  small love heart with arrow piercing it
               YOUR COMPACT & EASY

                      colorful oriental fan with peach blossoms    
Enter the Feng Shui Palace for your free Feng Shui tips...    

             FREE FENG SHUI TIPS  small love heart with arrow piercing it
                    WHY STOP NOW?  

Free Feng Shui tips...
You know, there's 8 other guas in your bagua...not just your love
and romance corner. They are: prosperity, fame and reputation,
family, health, creativity & children, skills & knowledge, career,
and helpful people & travel.

Want to improve other areas of your life? Then Feng Shui your
whole house! Check out the books below. They are all based on
Black Hat School Feng Shui, and are easy to understand and fun
to read.


book move your stuff free feng shui tips for romance     

"Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life...
How to Use Feng Shui to Get Love, Money, Respect and Happiness", 
            -by Karen Rauch Carter

This is a great little all-around Feng Shui guide, uncomplicated,
useful and funny. The author explains how to determine what
needs fixin', and how to use the proper "cure" to fix it. She also
reinforces what we said earlier about attitude...the fixes aren't
just physical, but mental and emotional also. You supply the will
and determination to change your life...she supplies the tools.

book feng shui for romance

"The Western Guide to Feng Shui for Romance:
The Dance of Heart and Home"
                   -By Terah Kathryn Collins
This is a romantic little book about the art of Feng Shui. This
author's approach to the practice is a little different. She
tackles each room in your house, as opposed to dividing it into
9 equal blocks, or baguas. She provides tons of practical tips to
help turn your home into an alluring,  romance-friendly domicile.
The "dance of heart and home" refers to the balance between your
inner self and outer space. Included is a meditation CD to deepen
your Feng Shui experience.

book feng shui dos and taboos for love      "Feng Shui Do's & Taboos For Love",
                               -by Angi Ma Wong

This room by room handbook provides you with over 400 tips
from many different Feng Shui schools. It's alphabetized
subject base helps you create an environment to enhance romance.
Arrange your home with balance, comfort and style. Let in a
breath of fresh air as well as soul-stirring love and passion.

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