Fling vs. Marriage

by Shannon

I have a 5 yr steady relationship with my first boyfriend W since our tertiary days. Recently, I met a british guy (he is my customer) and we hit it off quite well. He asked me out for dinner, two of us alone, when he comes back from his short trip from UK. From our conversation I can sense the sexual tension between us is strong and he is hinting that we should get together intimate after the dinner and drinks. This came as no surprise to me, however, i feel like I am cheating behind my boyfriend (we are planning to get married in 3 yrs time). Yet I am feeling so keen and exciting and looking forward to this dinner set a week later.

I can strongly understand that the r/s between me and the British guy is solely a 'fling', and that I will still go back to my bf at the end of the day. But I still have this urge for this British guy and I intend to keep it from my bf for the rest of my life.

I am struggling right now, please help.


From Stella:

You are not ready for marriage. Keep dating until the right man comes along who makes you forget the other guys.

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