for the love of the game

by eric
(newark De)

I am not sure if there is a problem,My wife and I have been together for 15 years I am the lucky one she has always been there for me as I have her and we enjoy the same thing's we can go anywhere and have fun together.A while back my wife was showing me some clothes that she had bought earlier in the day and the last top she tried on was a lite weight cotton wraparound top she got that had a low back and a somewhat low front to it when she came out she was wearing a bra that she had thought you would not see in the back but found that you could and did not like the look and told me,I said well now you have to find a bra with a lower strap in the back she said she had looked but could not find one while she was out.So I said then don't wear one .She said I will show you how it is without one it was not seethrew I told her it lookedd fine she has a great b cup by the way,and then as I was sitting at my desk so said what about now and she bent over a bit and the top just opened up enough that you could see on one side a full view of her breast,My first thought was wow that looks hot don't move.then she said well I said you know what I love the way you look she asked if I would be ok if she were to wear it like that knowing it is possible that another guy might see what I am now seeing.I said he would be lucky as hell and I still love it.
So one night she did wear it out and I did notice other men see what I had seen and it was a big turn on and I told her this and she said she did notice other men at least looking that way but was no uptight about it it was ok.
Since then she has found many more outfits like this and has admitted she enjoys when she know that a guy is trying to take a look,to the point wear some of the places she will wear something like this they now no when she comes in that they will remember her and try to start to help her as soon as possible just to get another look,she will put herself in a position so they can look and not just for a quick second,for both of us it is a big turn on and later we will go home and talk about it and have great sex and look forward to the next time and now really enjoy finding new outfits

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First photo thought
by: eric

My wife and I have been thinking of having pic's taken of her and have talked about how revealing they should be,I asked her would she prefer a man or a women take them she said a man,Her thought was a guy would no what looks better and it would be more fun.I am of the same thinking we have been talking about what kind of pic's and she said if we find the right person then let them tell us what will look best.any advice

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