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Find Love- Keep Love : Romance News : Love Advice : Dear Stella: "She needs a little space?"

Dear Stella: "She needs a little space?"


I have been dating this girl for 4 months. We have so much in common. If I was to make a list of wants for a partner, she has everything. For the first three and a half months we called each other every day and were together almost every day. Our children (we each have 4) are all the same ages and get along great.They even joke about who gets what room when we move in. My problem is the last couple of weeks she seems different. She got mad and didn't want me to visit or call every day.She still says not to worry, that her feelings for me haven't changed. She said she needs a little space. I believe her but I am afraid I am chasing her away. How do I talk to her about it or am I stressed for nothing?

Dear Danny,
Woah, partner! Slow down with this one. You've only been dating 4 months and I think down inside, you secretly already have you two moving in together! How long have you personally been "newly single"? Because it appears from here that you are falling for that old "rebound' trap... scared to be alone with 4 kids to raise, lonesome and looking for love (and help). But, you will be making a big mistake if you don't give this relationship plenty of time to mature before making serious decisions about the future. Especially when you're talking about blending together a huge family. It is going to take a very mature, committed and caring relationship to make this union work, and only plenty of time will tell if this is the one or not.

It sounds like she has "cooled off" a little bit, and that really is natural, once the red-hot magic of fresh love has died down. Back way off, give her that space she is asking for. You may be pressing too hard, and backing off would likely help things right now, not spoil them. If she breaks it off, well, I know how hurtful that would be, but imagine how much more hurtful it would be for 10 people if you push her into things and it doesn't work out?

Give it time, lots of time, and give her some space. If it was meant to be, things will gel in their own sweet time... Good luck!


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