"I truly feel that there are as many ways of loving as
    there are people in the world, and as there are days
    in the lives of those people"---    Dr. Mary Calderone

Free romantic ideas...
The mysterious, magical bond between lovers is a precious gift to be celebrated, cherished and nurtured. That relationship with your partner is the most important thing in the world! Focus on it, work at it...  and get them to do the same.

Life is an adventure...don't spend it on the couch! This is
 our take on life's journey.

We have racked our brains and come up with tons of ideas here to  help you folks keep the fire burnin'--- from romantic gestures, to interesting new things to do and places to go, fantastic gift ideas,  and lastly, some sound advice from surviving couples:

  • Free for the takin'
  • There's nothing to do!
  • Diner's Delight
  • A night on the town
  • The sky's the limit (travel)
  • Creative gift giving for lovers
  • Pearls of wisdom from them that knows!
  • 4 Books to help you stoke the fires

            FREE ROMANTIC IDEAS  small love heart with arrow piercing it
                 FOR THE TAKIN'  

Free romantic ideas...

  • Say "I love you" every day. Kiss goodbye and hello. And don't forget hugs in between.
  • Email your baby at work. Write a love letter on nice stationery. Speak from the heart. He might not admit it, but it's sure to touch him.
  • Dance together in the living room--- sexy and powerful!
  • Set the alarm clock an hour early and make love...

                                                                        alarm clock with happy face on it
  • Make love often...  never withhold sex to punish or prove something.
  • Sleep in the buff... nature's ultimate lingerie
  • Write "I love you" on the mirror with soap
  • Take turns serving a fancy breakfast in bed... use your best china and crystal... put a flower and a candle on the tray. Make it a Sunday morning tradition. Get the Sunday paper and do the crossword puzzle together... read the funnies out loud to each other.
  • Serve him a fancy dinner in bed...
  • Pick a wildflower and tuck it under her windshield wiper
  • Make a date and sneak home for lunch... have "love in the afternoon" instead.
  • Prioritize! Make your love relationship number one...everything else can wait!
  • Carve your initials in a tree

                          lovers initials carved in a tree with heart around it
  • Here are eight more unusual and creative free date ideas

           THERE'S NOTHING TO DO!  small love heart with arrow piercing it

More free romantic ideas...
Nothing to do? Oh, yeah? Get creative:

  • Adventurous types? Look into these possibilities:
        11 Adventures for you and your baby
        Adrenaline junkies? Try these daring dates

  • Go skinny-dipping--- in the closest body of water, your pool or spa, your neighbor's pool...
  • Renew your wedding vows, either privately or for all the world to hear... make a grand party out of it. Invite everybody.
  • Reconnect with nature...plant a seedling tree you can watch grow, together... go in the woods and pick wildflowers or hunt for 4-leaf clovers...take a silent nature walk together

                                             wildflower and 4 leaf clover for lovers

  • Go to the nearest lake or river and rent a canoe or rowboat... take a picnic and bottle of champagne
  • Walk through the mall holding hands and people-watching
  • Rent bicycles (get a bicycle-built-for-two if you can find it) and go for a ride out in the country... take a picnic lunch
  • Take massage lessons together
  • Take a class together... learn something new you'll both enjoy, like scuba diving, music lessons or landscaping
  • Go to the beach... make a sandcastle and collect shells... and don't forget the picnic!
                                                     woman with hat on making sand castles at the beach
  • Go to a local Little League baseball or High School football game...change sides during the 7th inning stretch or halftime, and then root for the other team.
  • Build something together--- a jigsaw puzzle, model airplane or paint-by-number... finish it together
  • Don't tell anybody what you're up to... go rent some comedies, and old romance classics, assemble your favorite munchies, darken the room, unplug the phone, and nestle in for the whole day or!
  • Still stuck? Here's 159 more date ideas!

             FREE ROMANTIC IDEAS  small love heart with arrow piercing it
                   DINER'S DELIGHT   

                couple in restaurant in romantic kiss after dinner

Free romantic ideas...

  • Dine out at a different restaurant every other week... til you find the most romantic one
  • Try some unusual ethnic restaurants, like Thai or Greek... experience some new tastes together
  • Find the perfect pizza within a 25 mile radius of your house.
  • Plan an awesome picnic...(visit our Picnic Page for ideas)
  • Go out for banana splits or Italian ices after dinner
  • Go to a restaurant or bar on Karaoke night... and get up there together... c'mon,  just one song...


            FREE ROMANTIC IDEAS  small love heart with arrow piercing it
                A NIGHT ON THE TOWN  

Free romantic ideas...

  • Rent a convertible and cruise the strip
  • Re-enact your first date together
  • Go to a boring movie... sit in the back row and neck
  • Go to a drive-in movie... Yes, they still exist! Find one near you at or
  • Rent a stretch limo for an elegant and classy night out. Don't forget the champagne and pate'.

                              chauffeur waiting at limo for a romantic night out

  • Reserve the honeymoon suite or the "lover's package" at the best hotel in town... don't tell anyone where you are... arrange for room service to deliver champagne... stay in bed the whole time... relax... read... sleep... make love. Make sure to leave your cell phones and laptop at home.
  • Get some culture... tour an art gallery, museum or get tickets to live theatre.
  • Go dancing... don't miss the slow dances... cheek-to-cheek... exquisite and passionate!
  • Go to online. Find tickets to a music concert coming to your area.
  • Go to a jazz club or experience the symphony together

                         silhouette of man conducting the orchestra


            FREE ROMANTIC IDEAS  small love heart with arrow piercing it
                 THE SKY'S THE LIMIT!  

                                            silhouette of jetliner taking off in the sunset

"Oh, that I had wings like a dove. For then would I
    fly away, and be at rest"---                           
                                                        Psalms 55:6   

Free romantic ideas...
Recreational travel is money well spent. Dollar for dollar, there  is no better way to add spice and interest to your relationship. Strive to explore different destinations... and take mini-vacations often. Commit to this... it will enrich your life, and revitalize your love bond. Click here to find that perfect   Romantic Getaway...

            FREE ROMANTIC IDEAS small love heart with arrow piercing it

Free romantic ideas...
Both of you should give careful thought to gifts for one another. You needn't spend a fortune, just use your imagination... and plan  ahead. If you listen carefully, your sweetheart will unwittingly tell you what he'd love for his birthday.
                                                              colorful gift wrapped up with curly bow

Didn't hear anything? Click here for some great and unique ideas  for gifts... birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day... Gift Ideas for  him, her, or unisex... Check out our free printable love coupons    while you're there!

              PEARLS OF WISDOM  small love heart with arrow piercing it

                  green pea pods with a shiny pearl inside one of them

    "Life in abundance comes only through great love"---
            ---Elbert Green Hubbard, 1856-1915

Free romantic ideas...
We all went on a scavenger hunt... each of us quizzed some happy long-term couples we knew; asked for their suggestions and pointers on success in romance and happiness over the long haul. Don't miss this section...   It contains some the best advice we have  ever heard! Read their  Pearls of Wisdom here.

           ROMANTICALLY ILLITERATE? small love heart with arrow piercing it
                  CHECK THESE BOOKS OUT 



Dig A Little Deeper! (Find Hidden Treasure in Your Relationship)
                                        by Stella Larue

You folks have got to try this great new relationship compatibility test! Designed to "draw out" your mate without turning him off! It is guaranteed to stimulate conversation, make you laugh, and enhance your love bond. Well worth the time and effort, you can obtain this ebook instantly.

book 101 nights of great romance  "101 Nights of Grrreat Romance",
                                 by Laura Corn

"How to make love with your clothes on..." What grrreat fun! Every  week, you each tear out one of the sealed suggestions, and plan your  secret nights of romance. Romance doesn't have to fade away from your lives... it's really simple... all it takes is a willingness to make it  a priority... and this cool book.

book the RoMANtics guide   
"The RoMANtic's Guide,
Hundreds of Creative Tips for a Lifetime of Love",
         -by Michael Webb          

Get this one for your guy! Circle the items you'd like to try... give  him a subtle nudge in the right direction. Lots of easy, affordable, fun and creative ideas. The book not only gives specific tips, it teaches you to "think romance" and come up with your own sincere  and heartfelt gestures.

book 1001 ways to be romantic    "1001 Ways to be Romantic"
                            by Gregory Godek

Love is the candle. Romance is the flame. What exactly is romance?  It's expressing your love in big and little ways on a regular basis. This guide for the "romantically illiterate" is packed with big and  little ideas to help you show you care. Get those fires burning brightly!

book eat chocolate naked to spark romance   

"Eat Chocolate Naked:
And 142 Other Ways to Attract Attention and Spark Romance!"
          -by Cam Johnson

The philosophy of this nifty little book quickly becomes clear:  Love requires effort... but it gives you specific recommendations  for enhancing romance, simple things you just might not think about.  So, grab this book, stop and smell the roses (with your mate) and  keep love blooming... as the author says... "romance isn't just a prelude to sex!"

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