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Find Love- Keep Love : Romance News : Massage & Intimacy : The Game of Love: Visit the Slightly Naughty Playroom!

The Game of Love: Visit the Slightly Naughty Playroom!

Well, guys, we've done it. We finally finished construction on our "Slightly Naughty Playroom". Okay, so maybe some of the stuff isn't quite so "slightly", but it's all tasteful fun. This cool webpage is chock-full of quality games, kits and fun items designed to:

* Promote communication and understanding
* Enhance romance and intimacy
* Provide comic relief

The Game of Love: Romantic & Revealing Games
are more for "getting to know you"…. How else are you going to get him to sit down with you and "speak from the heart"?


The Game of Love: Naughty At Home…
" Behind closed doors"… These fun and sexy games promote sensuality and intimacy through fresh new erotic adventures.


The Game of Love: Incredible Edibles…
'Nuff Said…. Edible body chocolate, "warming" oils, flavored whipped creams, sweet powder and Edible Undies… oh, my! Skip dinner and head straight for dessert…


The Game of Love: Black Light Fun---
Lights, posters, glow-in-the-dark finger paints, can you just visualize this? For Cosmic Lovin'… Groovy, baby!


We are proud of our new section, and encourage you to try some of these products. They are sure to add a welcome new dimension to your relationship. And we ask that you get back to us with feedback… both good and bad…. so we can keep our Playroom honest and useful for our visitors. Take a look at all our goodies in The Naughty Playroom.


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