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Gemini is an intellectual sign, and you are motivated by your mind rather than your emotions. You can be a true mental challenge to others, and be very unpredictable. Your friends like you for your wild imagination, blunt sense of humor and common-sense advice.

Gemini is the sign of duality, of twins, and you live up to the notion of two distinct natures. Your disposition is likely to change at the drop of a hat, which keeps your friends entertained, but can be really hard for a lover to tolerate.

Your changeable nature often makes you fickle in love. You like variety and may resist being "tied down". You may be flirtatious and shallow in your romantic relationships, and be rather cold and unaffectionate.

But, if you fall in love with the right man, you can be quite loyal and sincere. You are gentle and sympathetic towards your mate, and understand that a successful liaison requires responsibility and hard work. And that, you are willing to give.


ARIES: 3/21 thru 4/20       LIBRA: 9/22 thru 10/22
4/21 thru 5/20    SCORPIO: 10/23 thru 11/21 
5/21 thru 6/20     SAGITTARIUS: 11/22- 12/20
6/21 thru 7/21     CAPRICORN: 12/21 thru 1/19
7/22 thru 8/21         AQUARIUS: 1/20 thru 2/18
8/22 thru 9/21      PISCES: 2/19 thru 3/20

ARIES: Aries and Gemini can be a great team together, as both of you love adventure and change. You'll make great travel companions. Aries is enthusiastic and energetic, and has a fiery temper at times. He can be impatient, blunt or rude to you, so learn to grow a thick skin. Never forget that Aries is a fire sign. You can play your Gemini games with him, but beware that you can get burned in the process. How? Aries will want a long-lasting relationship, with security and commitment . Are you ready to settle down? Another very important concession on your part: Aries likes to lead the way. Can you give him the reins? The road to success will not be smooth, but if you can weather Aries' passionate and dramatic storms...and let him lead in the dance, you are in for a fascinating and happy love match.

TAURUS:  Taurean men are of the patient earth element. He is a home-body, and likes to settle down. He is solid, stabilizing, ponderous. He may be slow-moving and procrastinate. You, Gemini,  are of the flighty and lofty air element. You are very energetic, crave action, and are always looking for intellectual stimulation. Can these two signs get along? Yes, if you can learn to put up with his low-burning flame, and tap into his innate sensuousness. He will be a good, solid rock on which to build a long-lasting relationship, IF you are ready for it. And he will have to learn to speed up a little, get out of the house occasionally, and join you in some of your adventures. Only then will you both meet in the mutually satisfying middle.

GEMINI: Never a dull moment when two Geminis get together! Lots of energy, new ideas, great projects, and adventure. You will stimulate each other, both being rulers of the intellect.  A Gemini man will get you going, make you want to explore, learn and experiment. There may be a tendency for you to "burn each other out" if one of you doesn't put the brakes on occasionally. The pace will be quick, and together, you two Geminis will be capable of great achievements. How to make it work? You each must give the other lots of space. Loosen the reins, never let the other feel tied down or restricted. You will never hold your Gemini man with jealousy or possessiveness. Give him plenty of room, and lots of time, and he will stick around, come home to you, and your warm hearth.  

CANCER: Gemini with Cancer... This is not a favorable combination, and will require lots of effort in order to work. Cancer has a sense of responsibility, a good head when it comes to financial security and real estate decisions. He is constructive, practical, conservative, and likes to settle down. You, Gemini, are an energetic explorer. See the clash here? Cancer will try to channel all your energetic forces into profitable projects. He will try to "mother" you, and won't understand why you are given to flighty, impractical adventures.  If you are willing to settle down,  Cancer can provide a steadying influence on you, and show you how to make some money. This love match, however, will require quite a bit of work and compromise on your part. For Cancer is a mature, serious plotter. And you will have to grow up a little bit in order to meet him eye-to-eye.

LEO:  Leo and Gemini generally are a favorable match. Gemini's imagination, coupled with Leo's colorful expression, make for a dramatic and fun experience. Both of you have and value a good sense of humor, and so there'll be lots of laughs. The Leo sign is one of royalty. Leos are self-centered, bossy, fiery, generous, passionate, independent. You, Gemini, are energetic, active, full of ideas and schemes. You'll have to drop your projects every now and then to pay homage to your sometimes-needy Leo. And he will have to be patient with your occasional indecision. Become good friends, allow each other plenty of time with projects, support each other, and the result will be a full, rich and creative companionship.

VIRGO:  A union between Gemini and Virgo can be full of conflict and friction. Virgos like to take care of everyone. They are simple, sensible, practical, responsible. They get the job done. This may make for a good match with Gemini, who can be irresponsible and impulsive, too busy to take care of necessary tasks. Virgo can be a positive influence on you: ground you, slow you down, protect you,  take care of the practical details for you.  But never take your Virgo for granted, or his resentment may build until it destroys your relationship. If care is taken to consider the other's feelings, you and Virgo can build a solid, nurturing and productive life together.

LIBRA:  Libra and Gemini are two highly compatible air-heads, er... air signs, that is. There is a high degree of physical attraction between you two, which may make for a rapid union. A word of warning here, though, Gemini. Don't get involved with Libra unless you are serious about love. For there's nothing half-way with Libra when it comes to romance, and you will find a passionate, committed lover in him. Your Libra will need to learn to indulge your wild ideas and ambitious projects, not let them rock his sense of balance. You, on the other hand, will need to give Libra some traditional romancing, not easy for a Gemini to do. But if you can learn to communicate more warmth and affection towards him, this laid-back sweetie will make you a steady and trustworthy partner for life.

SCORPIO:  A Scorpio man represents intrigue. He will awaken your sleeping soul--often by challenging your core beliefs. He  may open you up to the mystical or spiritual.  He may help you realize your innermost desires, and cause you to stop, question, seek the truth.  This introspection can be a good thing for a flighty, adventurous Gemini. Heed these warnings, however: a Scorpio can at times be smothering, possessive, jealous, ruthless, controlling, plotting and sneaky. He's a scorpion, remember? In order for this to work, Scorpio will have to loosen his grip on you, Gemini. This might not be easy for him, and will take some patience on your part. Why bother? A love affair with a Scorpio can be an exquisite spiritual journey,  full of passion and mystery. You'll not be bored.

SAGITTARIUS:  This is definitely a case of opposites attracting. If these two opposite signs can stay focused, the sky's the limit! Sagittarius is a philosopher, seeking freedom and honesty in a big way. He sees the big picture and helps you see it, too. He is entrepreneurial, constantly planning new projects, and will be passionate and driven about his challenging ventures.  Hey, you like projects, too! Sag will help you see the whole scheme, help you stay focused. You will contribute imaginative, creative new ideas to the mix. How to get along? Gemini, you will have to be gentle with Sag's ideas. Try patience and tenderness instead of criticism and ridicule. Sagittarius will have to learn to put up with your personality shifts. If you can both learn to cater to the other's needs a little bit, you are in for a serious, responsible, permanent, fruitful  association.

CAPRICORN:  You have little in common with Capricorn, Gemini. Capricorn is heavy, disciplined, cautious, rules-oriented, traditional. He will not easily understand your impulsive, restless nature.  He can be given to spells of depression, and may think too rigidly for you, brash Gemini. On the other hand, his practical outlook may be just what you need to direct all that energy into a solid, usually career oriented,  goal. He may help you slow down and become more responsible. Unless you are mature enough to change in this way, or unwilling to support him in his dark times, Capricorn may not be the man for you. And unless he can lighten up, give you a fair amount of freedom, and indulge some of your outrageous adventures, you're not likely to stick around long enough for this interesting relationship to gel.

AQUARIUS:  Gemini and Aquarius make for a beneficial match. Both of you are dreamers, but you are a little more realistic and practical than the Aquarian man. He can get your motor running, in more than one way. He's an impulsive dreamer, full of grand ideas, lofty promises, and romantic gestures. He will touch your aspirations, get your hopes up, your head in the clouds, and often disappoint you by failing to deliver. An Aquarian may match you for coldness and emotional distance. One of you has got to break through that brittle shell and get the love fires burning. An Aquarian may well be worth pursuing for his vital friendship and exciting energy. If you are realistic, and not blinded by his charms, a relationship with an Aquarius can be a pleasant, fruitful and romantic experience.

PISCES:  There can be problems with this combination, but a lot of romance and passion, as well.  Pisces can bring out feelings of fear and guilt in you, Gemini. But on the plus side, he can provide you with a sense of balance, and stimulate you both intellectually and spiritually. When you get together with Pisces, you can fall into an atmosphere of dreaminess and  mystery. This can be a pleasant and revealing experience for you, or can be negative and even a little scary. Pisces can be indirect and secretive, while you're honest and straightforward. Can you learn to respect Pisce's privacy and accept his quiet, soothing energy? Sometimes he will be critical of your grand plans, and may rain on your parade. Can you tolerate that? It will take some compromise and giving on both sides to make this one work, but should be worth the time and effort.

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