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Find Love- Keep Love : Romance News : Love Advice : Dear Stella: I'm Getting Married in August, BUT...

Dear Stella: I'm Getting Married in August, BUT...

Dear Stella,

I am getting married in August. We have been together 2 years. He is a truck driver, gone all the time, for a week at a time. I am so lonely. He had an opportunity to cheat on me earlier in our relationship, while working in another state. I know that he came very close to doing it. I read his text messages and called the girl to confirm it. However, he did not go through with the sexual act.

I'm very insecure now. His excuse was that because he was gone all the time, he was needing companionship. Like I wasn't, or something. I guess my question is: "Do you think if he didn't follow through the first time, will there still be a second time?"


Dear Spazz:

Your letter rings loud and clear with alarm bells, not wedding bells! You are lonesome and miserable, and you distrust and resent this man. And you're not even married yet! What makes you so sure they didn't "follow through"? Their word? On the remote chance that they did not get intimate, in answer to your question "Will there be a second time?" The answer is YES, there will be. A man who cheats is a man who cheats. (Goes for women, too). Please don't marry this guy. He obviously "needs companionship" you are not able to provide. Best of luck to you!


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