Getting my ex back

by Michael

My ex and I dated about 2 years ago for 8 months or so. I was very much in love with her. She broke up with me, because I lied to her about something small (I never cheated on her). I got really surprised cause I didn't think she would end things on such a tiny thing, we could've worked on and kept the relationship going.
I kept hanging out with her for a while, and tried to get back together with her, but she lost a lot of trust and respect for me, so that wasn't successful.

After a few months, she found another boyfriend, and I was still hurting a lot, because I wasn't able to move on.

She's been dating the guy for almost 2 years now, but for a couple of months now, I've been having very strong feelings for her, and I told her how I felt. She said she was very flattered, and said herself that she wondered what would happen if we got back together, but said she's in a relationship so she can't answer that question right now....

We've been talking a lot for the past couple of months, like texting everyday for the most part, hanging out here and there and having a good time. She's been telling me a few stories where her boyfriend wasn't very loyal to her (didn't really care much about her), and that made me think ok, she's probably not happy with him. But she is still with him. And she knows how I feel about her.

I really want to be with her again, but how long should I wait? Do I let her make the first move? Is she leading me on or playing with me?

Any advice would be appreciated, because this is driving me crazy....


Answer from Stella:


Sorry, but it sounds like you are driving yourself crazy. My advice is for you to back off and not push the issue. Stay a good friend, but back off on the daily contact.

She is in another relationship, and you should also be dating other women and not obsessing over this old flame. If she ever breaks up with the other guy, and you have remained a steadfast friend, then who knows what might happen then?

But dreaming and planning of a future with her is not a good thing in your life right now. Try to move on and let things take care of themselves.

Hope this helps!

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