Gift giving! One of the emotional hot-spots in any relationship. Why? Probably mental baggage from childhood disappointments.

I remember once as an eight-year-old, having the biggest package under the tree. Man, was I ever proud and happy about that! The anticipation was killer. By the time Christmas morning finally arrived, I was beside myself with excitement. You know what it was? A pillow.




            beautiful gift wrapped in colorful paper and bow

I'm sure if you think back, you'll remember being disappointed more often than not with gifts received over the years. But now you're a big mature grownup, so it's time to leave the old hurts from childhood behind, right?

Our relationship advice to you now is twofold: learn to be a gracious gift-receiver, and a fantastic gift-giver!

We present below some great ideas to get you thinking:

  • Fabulous gifts for him
  • Great gifts for her
  • Unisex gift ideas
  • Viewer submitted memorable gift ideas
  • Free printable love coupons


small love heart with arrow piercing it

  • A riding lawn mower
  • Plastic model of his favorite car, boat or airplane
  • Fluffy terry cloth bath robe (sexy)
  • Silky boxers (double sexy) Try these on for size:


  • Gas barbecue grill, Cool Utensil Set, and "Gas Grill Gourmet".
  • Books: "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus", "The Sensuous Man"
  • , or "The RoMANtic's Guide" (hint, hint)

  • Paintball session
  • Sexy and sultry cologne. Try one of these top sellers:

  • A day at the water park, pinball arcade or speedway
  • Tickets to pro sports or to see his favorite band in concert (yes, you have to go with him)
  • A classic gold chain with just the right gold charm
  • Subscription to Playboy or Penthouse (Print or digital):


  • Free printable love coupons... these are great!  A no-cost way to say "I love you"... and sure to be appreciated...   Click here for free printable love coupons for him.

             GREAT GIFTS FOR HER   

small love heart with arrow piercing it


  • A night at a bed & breakfast (with you, of course). Let her pick the spot: Bed and Breakfast Gift Certificates (Good at 3500 Properties) Click Here
  • Antique jewelry (try local pawn shop)
  • Classic gold chain with a diamond, pearl or charm on it
  • Gourmet cooking lessons
  • A diamond... even tomboys love rocks (study up first at for consumer information on diamonds)
  • Perfume... the essence of romance...
    You can't go wrong with one of these best-sellers:


  • A day-spa session---massage, facial, the works
  • Surprise her with a romantic picnic... see our picnic section for pointers, recipes and ideas. You can do this!
  • Tickets to ballet, a concert or live theater (yes, you have to go with her)
  • Send flowers to her... at work... (you have no idea the envy and status this bestows upon a woman):

  • Some spicy, sexy lingerie: (We know you'll hate this)
        A gift from Frederick's won't stay in the box for long!

  • Free printable love coupons... can't think of a great gift? Try these imaginative, no-cost ways to say "I love you"...
    Click here for free printable love coupons for her.


small love heart with arrow piercing it

  • Psst! Got a guy who's miserable at gift-giving? Read this great article for tips how to (gently) cure your gift-phobic guy.
  • Does the child in you get disappointed by gifts from your honey? Read this: The Fine Art of Gift Receiving
  • Read on for more great gift ideas:
  • "Food For Lovers!"- An excellent all-around cookbook for a man or woman... unique and special recipes you both will enjoy. Turn a domestic chore into a pleasant and satisfying interlude.
  • Professional (legitimate) massage at a spa
  • Gift certificate to EBay
  • Fancy gourmet chocolates, the ultimate aphrodisiac:

  • Add some funky fun or elegant interest to his (or her) pad with something from this great selection of posters, art prints and vintage tin signs: All Posters (not).
  • Memory-foam mattress pad- 3" thick: Great price/
    free shipping at: My Dream Mattress.
    (If you sleep on this stuff once, you'll never go back...)
  • Wide-screen TV (getting cheaper and cheaper)
  • Afternoon of horseback riding
  • A cruise... oh, yeah!
  • Black leather jacket... classic, timeless, sexy and versatile, for him or her
  • Slowly collect his/her favorite movies on DVD, and present the whole collection at once
  • Box of Jelly Bellies
  • Don't forget our free printable love coupons!
  • Freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies
  • Hot tub
  • And one of these is always appreciated!


    gift of roses_ special gift for lovers
    man opening love gift and very pleased



  • Champagne= Celebration... keep some chilled in the fridge for any occasion

    two crystal glasses of champagne and rose...romantic


  • And for some great new ideas for adult play... great romantic games, sexy games and kits, incredible edibles, and black light fun... add a little spice and humor to your relationship... visit our
            Slightly Naughty Playroom


NOW, we need your help! In order to make this a truly unique and interesting collection of fantastic gift ideas, we need to pick your brain...

Was there ever a gift you received from your mate that just really hit home? Was really special and perfect and memorable? Would you like to help other gift-impaired souls find their way out of the dark? Then share your story! Tell us all about the gift, the occasion, and why it was so special for you.

(Accepted entries are entered into our contest for a great prize. Later, explore our Mini Forums for more great contest opportunities)

Tip: Please try to include a photo of your special gift. It adds sparkle to your new web page!


What Was The Best Gift A Lover Ever Gave You?

Was there one gift your partner got you that brings a smile to your face even now? Tell us the story!

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Valentine's Day... So far, far away 
My boyfriend is studying, so I didn't get to see him over Valentine's day.... But we decided to celebrate before the 14th. It was wonderful, so romantic. …

The gift that keeps giving... 
I wanted to get pregnant about 10 months ago and my husband gave me a beautiful baby girl for my birthday. It's the gift that lasts a lifetime... truly …

One Fake Rose  
My man gave me 11 red roses and one fake one and he said "I'll love you till the last rose dies".

The Barbell 
This gift was not for me, but from me. My boyfriend's dad died when he was only three. He was a bodybuilder and a bouncer, and he wore a barbell necklace. …

From Now Til the end of time 
My boyfriend and I are going on five years and we're having a little issue with trusting each other. So, I devoted an entire week to showing him each and …

Candy you ate as a kid 
In May, I hit the big 5-0. My girlfriend gave me a box of Candy You Ate As a Kid. We had so much fun with that, and it took us weeks to eat it all. But …

30 Gig IPOD 
Last year I gave my boyfriend an IPod for Christmas, one of the big ones. He loves that thing. He is a Blues lover, and has spent hours and hours downloading …

Candy candy candy 
For our anniversary, he gave me, among other things, a large bag of individually wrapped multi-flavored twizzlers. I had left that yr 2go2 college n the …

One for One 
I gave my girlfriend 37 roses and wrote a note to go with it with 37 reasons for why I love her.

A Miracle 
The best gift my lover ever gave me was our miracle child. We have been trying for quite some time & on my birthday we had a beautiful baby boy.

6 month scrap book 
For our six months, he took me out for dinner and we went to see a movie and stuff, but afterward he gave me a book and told me I'm not allowed to look …

The simplest gift was one of the best! 
My boyfriend and I were at the movies and our movie got out before our other classmates'. There was a little vending machine by the bathrooms and there …

Not a 'oncer ' but ongoing gift 
Let your partner know they're on your mind . Taking another for granted is the death knoll for a relationship . Much as I like to surprise my woman …

One of a Kind 
The best gift I have received is to be able to see my sweetheart every morning when I wake up and every evening when I retire. Her and her three kids are …

Promise Ring 
My great-grandmother had just passed away, and I was devastated. To cheer me up, my boyfriend spoke to my mom about getting one of her rings resized and …

Best Xmas Ever... 
Well from day one of our online relationship we have always said that we would love each other Always & Forever. Here we are a year later; I moved to be …

The best gift that I have ever gotten was to actually be with my boyfriend on valentines day!!! That was the greatest gift.

The Journey of Love 
My birthday is Dec. 23, right at Christmas. So my boyfriend and I got together on the 21st this year to share our Christmas with one another. He bought …

For valentine's day 
For Valentine's Day one year, my boyfriend of 6 months wrote me a song. He was a quiet guy when it came to talking about our relationship. I knew he …

Treasure Hunt 
One of my previous boyfriends was learning from his father how to be a jewelery crafter. He'd always asked me what I wanted him to make, and I always …

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