Girl I like talks often about other guys around me.

by Eric

Dear Stella,

I like one girl. I have talked with her pretty much. Lately I have noticed that she has started talking often about other guys she knows when talking to me. How she visits them or they visit her and so on.

I don't know her good enough to be sure that she is trying to make me jealous or that she just is the kind that talks so openly.

I feel that we have a "spark" between us but i can't be sure.

I'm very confused. I'm not good at reading the signs she might give me that she likes me.
I don't want to make a move before I know that there is a chance she like me.

So my question is. Does she trying to make me jealous of other guys by talking about them in my presence?

Thank you for your answer.

Answer from Stella:

Hi Eric,
It is hard to say what her motive is for talking about other guys. I think you will have your answer if you ask her out on a casual date, like for coffee or a drink. I think her intent might become crystal clear if you do that. Good luck!

Hope this helps!

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