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Find Love- Keep Love : Romance News : Romance News : Computing By Remote Control! ( Go To My PC )

Computing By Remote Control! ( Go To My PC )



Alright, we have stumbled onto a cool computer option you
need to consider: Go To My PC. (I need to stop you right
here with one caveat: you can’t do this if the “host”
computer only has dial-up. It must have “always on” internet
connection via cable, ISDN, DSL or better). All set? Then

Have you ever been at work, had some spare time at the
computer, and wished you could work on one of your current
personal home “projects”? But, alas, those files are at
home, on your personal desktop!

Or, maybe you’re like me, you have a laptop, do a lot of
work on it while you are elsewhere, then you have to
transfer those files over to your desktop when you get home
(what a pain!)

Or, maybe you are a traveler, out of town a lot, either on
business or pleasure, and that is all lost time as far as
your basic home computing projects are concerned. Well, with
this product, you could actually work on your home computer
from airports, hotels or internet cafes!

Go To My PC...
In any scenario, there is an EASY and way-cool way to just tap
into your home computer from any other computer, anywhere
you have internet access. You just go online, visit, access your home computer by remote
control, and have at it. It’s an incredible service. You
must try this out, as they have a free 30-day trial. After
that, there is a reasonable monthly fee.

Note: you must leave your home computer turned on to desktop
before you leave. And another thing, warn anybody who might
happen to see your home computer in action, as it really
does work by remote control. My son thought a ghost was in
there using my computer!

Go To My PC...
Also, you could set this up on your office computer at work,
so you could do business work from home (if you must). Your
boss would probably help pay for it! This award-winning,
cutting-edge service opens up all kinds of possibilities if
you depend on your computer for important endeavors!

Click on this link to find out more:

GoToMyPC Free Trial + $10 Off


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