good in friend or in relation

I have a relationship with one of my friends. We have been friends for the last five years. She has been in a relationship for the past six years. All that time we have just been good friends. However, her boyfriend kept telling her to stop talking to me, but she does not want to let go of our friendship. They were always arguing about it.

It has been a year since I proposed to her, after asking her if she is in a relationship with someone else. She assured me that there was no-one else and she accepted my proposal. However, after a few days she left me for her ex-boyfriend.

Because I knew she was in a relationship, I never proposed to her during our friendship. Now she is back with me again. However, she is constantly worrying about her exboyfriend. Sometimes I let her go to meet up with him, because I want to see her happy and because I trust her.

However, I now know that she sometimes hides the fact that she has had a conversation with her exboyfriend. again sometimes she hides me that she had a conversation with her past
boyfriend. She does not understand that I have a problem with that. She keeps telling me that she loves me.

Please could you make some suggestion about what I should do? I am so stressed out about this ......

Answer from Stella:
Dear X,
Now why is it exactly that you trust this girl? You stated that she accepted your proposal and then turned around and went back to this EX!

And now she is talking to the guy and lying to you, hiding her contact with another man?

Run from this one, as fast as you can. Or else live with the misery a cheater and liar can deal you.

Sorry, but that's how it looks from here.
Hope this helps!

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