Got Scared By The Opportunity

by David

I have a very close friend who I have gotten feelings for recently. It is somewhat mutual. I was with her today and there were several times it seemed like she wanted me to kiss her. I scared myself out of doing it. My question is, if I were to tell her I have something for her later so I can see her again, would it be a bad idea to just walk straight to her and kiss her right up front?

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It depends...
by: Stella


It depends. Unless you are sure she wants you to kiss her, you could mess this budding romance up by kissing her like that, without warning.

You have nothing to lose by hanging back and waiting for everything to become more obvious. Have you guys had an official "date" yet, or are you just assuming that she has mutual feelings? Ask her out to dinner. If she goes out with you, then you can safely assume she likes you in that way. A kiss after a date is acceptable.

Good luck and have fun!

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