2 Great Mexican Recipes...


    1 lb. lean ground beef            Brown meat and onions in skillet,
    ½ med onion, chopped             season with salt and pepper. Cook
    ½ tsp. salt                              'til browned and tender. In very
    ¼ tsp. pepper                          large salad bowl, place lettuce,
    1 head lettuce, shredded        tomatoes, olives, beans, and cheese.       
    10 oz. grated cheese:              Pour on the cooked meat. Just before
       Colby, Jack or                    ready to serve, toss with Carolina
       sharp cheddar                     dressing & crushed chips. Serve sour
    1 can Ranch Style Beans         cream and taco sauce on the side for
    1 large bottle Catalina            toppings.
        salad dressing
    2 med. ripe tomatoes, diced
    1 small can sliced black olives
    1 bag plain Tostitos,
        crushed coarsely in bag


  • SERVING SUGGESTION: For a party, serve Mexican appetizer first: 
    Mix plenty of your favorite salsa with a can of refried beans 'til
    mixture is soupy. Place in a large flat dish and cover with grated cheese.
    Bake 'til bubbly, serve with Tostitos. Then, serve up the Taco Salad.
    Make margaritas in a blender or serve frosty bottles of Mexican beer:
    Tecate, Corona, Modelo or Dos Equis. OLE!                   


    2 Great Mexican Recipes...


    3 chicken breasts or other         Sauté onion and bel pepper in small
       lean  chicken meat, cut in        amount of oil, 'til tender. Add cut
       small slices                             up chicken, soups, and tomatoes, and
    1 onion, chopped                        simmer for 10 minutes. In lasagna-
    1 bel pepper, chopped                sized baking dish, layer 1/3 tortilla
    1 can chicken broth                    strips, 1/3 soup mixture, 1/3 the cheese.
    1 can cream of mushroom            Repeat for 3 layers, top with cheese
        soup                                       and dust with chili powder. Bake at
    1 can cream of chicken               350° for about 30 minutes, 'til   brown
        soup                                       and bubbly.
    1 can Rotel diced tomatoes        
    Pkg. flour tortillas,
        cut into strips
    10 oz. grated sharp cheddar                              
    1 tsp. chili powder


  • SERVING SUGGESTION: Serve this wonderful dish with a green salad,
    cold Mexican beer, or Sangria Blanca (1 lemon & 1 orange, sliced. One
    fifth dry white wine (like Chablis), ¼ cup white rum, 1 tblsp. sugar,
    1- 12 oz. can lemon-lime soda (Sprite). All ingredients must be chilled.

2 Great Mexican Recipes...

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