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Here's your action plan for a new, classy, fashionable, seductive YOU:
       1. Find a PFA
       2. Clean out that closet
       3. Plan your new wardrobe
           (And some recommended guides)
       4. Let's go shopping!
       5. A few tidbits about sexy clothing

                        STYLE MAKEOVER small love heart with arrow piercing it
                      FIND A PFA   

What you need first is a fresh new eye...someone to take a critical look at the way you dress...and suggest improvements.  Now, think about this...

Do you have a girlfriend whose fashion sense you admire? She seems to know what looks good, and always shows up looking smart and fashionable? Use her! Tell her what you plan to do, and why you chose her to help you.... flattery will get you everywhere.

You could also use your guy, if he's willing.

You now have your very own PFA:
Personal Fashion Advisor.

              STYLE MAKEOVER small love heart with arrow piercing it

Your style makeover...
Time to take a tour of your closet... scary, isn't it?

                                         closet with skeletons hanging out
Take your time; set aside an afternoon for this project. Look at each item in your closet-- try it on if necessary--

  • Have you worn it in the past year? No? Unless it's formal or special occasion stuff...out it goes.
  • Is it frumpy, dowdy, boring or mannish? Reject pile.
  • Did your mother give it to you second-hand? You know where it goes.
  • Does your boyfriend hate it? Burn it.
  • Put it to the ultimate test: Is it feminine? Is it sexy? If it's neither, out with it!

Be ruthless and hardcore. Toughlove here! Sweep out your closet and liberate yourself. Remember this: Mess is Stress!

Here's the idea:
Even if your wardrobe ends up just a fraction of it's former self, you'll have less quantity and more quality. Every time you reach in there for something to wear, you'll come out with something stylish,   alluring or flattering.

   Happiness is a short, sweet closet!
                                                        nice neat closet with only a few clothes in the wardrobe
What do you do with that pile of rejects on the floor? Throw away the damaged goods. Useable stuff goes to the charity/thrift shop.  (Recycle).

And if you have some nice business outfits in good repair, but they're not for you (or don't fit)--put them to good use. Donate them to the Women's Alliance. These folks provide career skills training and professional attire to low income women seeking employment. To see if there is a donation outlet in your area, visit their site and click on Member  
    smart looking businesswoman in donated suit      "Because someone's future
                             is hanging in your closet"


        PLAN YOUR NEW WARDROBE  small love heart with arrow piercing it

Your style makeover...
Now then, you've got room in your closet for new clothes...

You don't have to have a closet full of designer clothes. But you do need a basic wardrobe that makes you look as fabulous as possible. Grab some fashion magazines that suit your age and lifestyle. What's in vogue these days?

Keep your eyes peeled at the mall. What are the sexy young women wearing? You needn't dress like a teenager if you are 40-something, but study what's hot and incorporate appropriate styles into your new wardrobe.

Now, time to map out a plan. Make a list of what you have, and what you need. Plan for a compact, basic but versatile selection for all occasions. Ask your PFA for help in compiling your list and formulate a "master plan".

              STYLE MAKEOVER small love heart with arrow piercing it 
                LET'S GO SHOPPING ! 

Your style makeover...
You know, there's some tricks to sane clothes shopping. Some of our staff here loves the mall, while others hate it, and order everything online. We've put our heads together and come up with these tips to help develop you into a...
                         POWER SHOPPER

                                                woman carrying boxes as a power shopper


Your style makeover...
Start with upscale department stores. You'll soon find two or three favorites that carry "your brands". Nice, flattering fashions don't have to cost an arm and a leg. JCP is still one of our favorite spots.

And, listen to this: there are some very high-quality elegant pieces to be found at thrift shops. Okay, so you'll have to dig through some torn t-shirts to find those hidden treasures, but they are there!  Designer clothes you could never afford new can be had for a few dollars. Inspect every inch of used clothing for stains, holes and runs. And smell  them.
 ... And good luck...
                               picture of thrift shop with clothes hanging out on sidewalk


Take your list with you---don't buy impulsively---work slowly toward completing your basic wardrobe. Only go shopping when you've got lots of time. Never hurry clothes shopping. Take your  PFA along with you... promise her lunch...

                                           two girls sharing lunch after clothes shopping


Try on lots of different clothes. Try something new---styles you never would have considered. Give a critical eye to everything. Learn your figure faults and steer away from them.

As you try on a garment, sit down in it. Raise your arms over your head. Bend over. Squat. Is this dress gonna split on you? Is it comfortable? Does it "hang well" on you? Size doesn't matter, fit does. Tight clothes just make you look heavy,  not sexy. Ask your PFA or the salesgirl for their opinion.

Got your choices narrowed down to two or three? Great, now it's time for the final test. Try each one on, and look at yourself in the mirror. Is this outfit sexy or feminine ? Does it make you feel happy and special? If the answer is yes to both, it has passed the test! Take it home.

Stella's Law:  If you absolutely fall in love with an item, buy it then and there. It won't be there tomorrow.

                   girl window shopping looking at sexy womens clothing

              STYLE MAKEOVER small love heart with arrow piercing it

Your style makeover...

  • Buy the prettiest, sexiest,  highest quality underthings you can afford. Always wear attractive underwear... maybe no one's going to see them tonight... but you know they're there. Sexy underwear make you feel (and look) sexier.
  • Splurge on 2 or 3 complete "first date" outfits that you love, and that make you look terrific. Save them for these special nights out.
  • Accessories- buy the very best belts, shoes, purses and hats you can afford. Nice leather, classic lines. Quality shows here. No cracked vinyl for you!
  • Simple but classy jewelry for you. Buy the real deal if you can. Better one or two real diamonds and pearls than a drawer full of cheap imitations. Real shows... real well.

Here's another tip from Stella:

Put on a dress sometimes! Men LOVE them. Nothing like a dress to say... "Girl here".

        Try this little experiment:
        Dress in jeans, t-shirt and sandals. Go to the
        nearest grocery store. Walk up and down the aisles,
        pretending you're looking for something. Notice
        what little help is offered. Wait two hours...go home
        and put on a nice dress, hose and heels, makeup,
        nice sunglasses. Repeat your grocery store
        performance. And notice how the stock boys come
        out of the woodwork to help you find your missing
                     big handsome grocery guy carrying bags for womanSee what we mean?

is more seductive than fashion--the ability of clothes that fit and flatter to transform us. Wearing great clothing provides armor and enhances self-esteem and courage.
 grey armadillo
Our choice of clothes can be one of our most creative forms of self expression. And, like it or not, we are assessed in seconds---many times each day---based on what we are wearing.



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