Gross Gas Problem

by Jason

I have a problem that is probably as much medical as it is relationship oriented, and sort of gross. So, let me apologize in advance. I am engaged to a wonderful lady, who is stunning. For lack of a better word, he figure is fabulous and flawless. None of the Hollywood women have anything on her.

The problem is that at night, as we sleep, and how to put this... She goes off like a punctured balloon at a Thanksgiving Day Parade. She's real gassy and tends to let em rip. I don't even know if she's aware of it as she never mentions it. I don't want to bring it up. But sometimes I find myself getting up and clearing out for a few minutes at night for obvious reasons.

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But do you love her?
by: Stella

Hi Jason,

You went on and on about how beautiful she is, but you never said that you loved her.

If you really love her, you will accept her, warts (or gas) and all. And when you get to knowing her better, you should be able to talk to her about it. She should see a doctor. There is help for this problem, and avoiding certain foods helps a lot, too.

If you cannot seem to get past this, and start finding her repulsive because of her gas problem, do yourself (and her) a favor, and don't marry her.

No matter how gorgeous she is.

It takes more than looks to sustain a long-term relationship.

Good luck to you both!

You have to find some way
by: Anonymous

to bring this up without totally embarrassing her. We often do this without knowing, but I can't believe she doesn't notice at all, maybe she doesn't think you notice. She may be drinking too much carbonated drinks, or maybe she is lactose intolerant, but either way you need to tell her.

I was married to a man who would just rip one no matter where, right in front of me, that was a HUGE turn off and not funny at all. Among other negatives that was really a problem for me.

Tell her you do it too and if she says ewww, then say I have heard you, and say we both need to maybe do something about it. some couples think it is cute, I don't, accidents are one thing intentional is another.

Gas not so funny
by: Anonymous

Well I can honestly say I'm on the other end of that problem , I have IBS (irrital bowel sydrome) and my hubby says its bad all night too ,but he loves me too much to ever make me feel bad or even the least bit embarrassed about it. If she's that bad at night she most likely has issues during the day, but handles it discreetly; yes diet as well as carbonated drinks and some spices cause it to be worse some days or excuse me nights!

It mostly likey will be something you have to life with with if you love this woman but if it's already an issue I question do you love her or just find her very beautiful; which there's nothing wrong with, but till death do you part can be along time when your surrounded by farts ,LOL

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