Alright, boys, see the headlines above? Know what they are? Phrases a lot of you guys have been typing into your web search box lately!

                       AH-HAH !!!

...You all are looking for love too, aren't ya? For advice on men's relationships? Hot intimacy tips?

Okay, so some of this site has a FEMININE SLANT to it... Well so what! We won't tell the guys at work you were here. (You can tell them what they're missing out on if you want to)...

Stick around. This is a most amazing website. It will give you a rare glimpse into the mysterious workings of the female mind...

                               frog doing presentation of a mind to other frogs

You may be surprised at some of the insights you will gain here. You'll find some great dating advice for guys as well. You'll learn how to find and keep true love for yourself.

Start off by reading  What women (really) look for in a man...  pretty revealing stuff, huh? Read on...

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Yes, stuff every man could use... like:

                                popcorn and projector for romantic movies
       or better yet, what to rent for "showtime" at home.

                                romantic picnic with basket and bottle of wine

  • Turn your pad into a romantic love nest. Then, cut the up a flickering aromatic candle... spin just the right mood music... getting the picture? Then (we saved the best for last) touch her, body and soul, with a "Happy Ending"  Hot Oil Massage. (Don't worry, we'll teach her how to reciprocate)...

                                                    NIRVANA !!!  

  • Why, we even have an entire section devoted to
    fun and unusual romantic ideas to steer you in the right direction with your sweetie!
  • Check out Dear Stella for the most down-home, common-sense relationship advice you have ever heard.
  • Subscribe to our Love Bytes Ezine to keep fresh romance and intimacy tips arriving to keep you focused...
  • All right, all right, guys, there's also a whole new section on naughty games and bedroom fun! Visit  The Naughty Playroom to see what "earthy delights" await you both!

We also tackle for you......

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It comes at least three times a year... Christmas...Valentines... and her birthday... and you hate it! Why? Because you never know what to get her... Don't end up like these guys!

We've put our heads together and come up with a short list of "cherry-picked" gifts she's sure to love. (Better bookmark this site NOW). Check out Gift Giving for Lovers... (Don't miss the link to some sexy, spicy lingerie to liven things up!)

P. S. In the gift-giving section, you will also find some free printable love coupons. These are cool! What an unusual, fun (and free) way to show her you care! Give of yourself.

               MEN'S RELATIONSHIPS  love heart with arrow piercing it
               SET FIRE TO THIS THING!

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Love is precious, guys, learn a little more about it. Turn yourself into a romantic, sensual creature... you'll never regret it. Everything you need to succeed in romance..... is here at this website. Why should you trust our advice? Meet Stella here:


Read between the lines. "You go, girl" also means "Dude, listen up... here's some great dating advice".

Okay, so our website was created by women, for women. But we won't mind if you come along for the ride... we love you guys! Now get back in there. Find and keep true love for yourself!

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