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Find Love- Keep Love : Romance News : Dating Tips : GUYS! 7 Things you should never mention on that first date...

GUYS! 7 Things you should never mention on that first date...


You have wined and dined her. She's a hottie, and you really like her. This might just go somewhere, you know? You're looking buff tonight, and you have said all the right things... but then, it happens... you mention...

(7 things a guy should never mention on that first date)


1. That your child support payment just went up to $900 per month.

2. How much your Mom loves her new digs over your garage.

3. That your stalking ex-wife just got out of the psychiatric unit.

4. How much you love March Madness.

5. How your unemployment check is barely enough to make ends meet.

6. How much it hurt to get your XXX pierced.

7. The great mileage you're getting with your '72 Pinto.

Alright, now these were just for fun. For some great and useful dating tips, visit Dating Dos & Don'ts... Yes, this page has a feminine slant to it... but read this to find out how it can help YOU, too!


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