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 people notice
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New hair style tips...

Never underestimate the power of hair. It can transform the way  you look and feel. Hair is the first thing people notice about you. It  gives off subliminal messages about your lifestyle, personality,  and mood.

Your hair acts like the frame on a painting. It can enhance the picture,  or it can overwhelm and detract from it. Bad hair can bring down  even the most beautiful face.

                              pretty woman in ornate frame that detracts from her

The message here is clear: Keep your hair in peak condition. Keep it  clean and glossy. And we've got to get just the right cut for you...

Our Hair Salon has lots of helpful advice:

  • Pointers on getting the right cut and style
  • Online hair makeovers- get your free virtual hair style
  • Finding the right hairdresser
  • Hair care advice & new hair style tips 


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              THE RIGHT STYLE FOR YOU  

New hair style tips...

To get started, look through plenty of beauty and fashion magazines, like Glamour,  Cosmo, etc. Keep your eyes open for hairstyles and colors you like  that might look good with your hair type. Don't be afraid to change  your image... have fun with  this! Tear those pictures out. You'll be taking  them to the hairdresser---together, you two will create your unique look.

Now, here's a fun source for ideas... get a free virtual hairstyle! (Online hair makeover). This is  your chance to let it rip! You upload your own photo, then, in the  privacy of your own home, you can go wild. Try out different cuts,  colors and styles... without touching your real locks! If you put  together a look that's awesome  on you... print it out for your stylist.

We all had a ball with this cool website!  Honestly, it's more  for fun factor than a serious beauty tool.  But, hey, it did help one of the girls  discover she should not go BLOND.  Disaster averted!

    The Hairstyler--- Although there is a small
        fee to use all the features, you can still try the
        free demo on a "virtual model" and get a free
        hairstyle consultation. With membership, you can
        choose from dozens of colors and thousands of
        styles. If you find a look you  like, print up a
        synopsis and styling directions. Full membership
        costs $14.95 for 3 months.

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A stylish, professional, precision cut is essential to your "new look".  We don't mean letting your little sister have a go at it in the kitchen. Take the time and spend the money to find the right partner for this  project:

  • Keep on the lookout for a referral-- ask someone who has a well-groomed style you admire--Who do they go to?
  • Get out the yellow pages-make a short list of the best salons in town (No chop shop for you)--Call each one--ask about price. (Only you have to know that money is no object).
  • Set up an advance consultation- take your torn out magazine pics with you. Listen to the stylist's ideas-- do you like them? Do you feel like you can communicate with him or her... and trust them with your hair ?
  • It may take more than one visit 'til you find the right stylist, and it may be a bit pricey... but you want to look great... right?

Face shape, hair type and texture all factor in when looking for the most flattering cut. And a good stylist knows how to work with what you've got! He or she will also be up on the "latest" new hair style  tips and products available.

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            SNIP, SNIP, SNIFF, SNIFF 


Be not afraid! A good haircut will make you feel fantastic: more confident, sexy  and "with it". Once you've found the right hairstyle, everything else will  fall into place!

A word of warning: don't change your natural hair too much, or you'll become a  slave to a high-maintenance do.

                         wild and crazy green hairstyle with spikes

Got kinda longish hair? Going for a short cut? Don't let all that beautiful hair end up scattered on the shop floor. Donate it to little ones who  need it desperately. "Locks of Love" is a charity that provides real  hairpieces to financially disadvantaged boys and girls who have lost their  own locks to illness or medical therapies. Click here to see if you  can help:

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                                     click on "donate hair"

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                & HAIR CARE ADVICE 

  • Clean, shiny hair is a joy to have and head-turning to watch. So, scrub til it's squeaky clean daily, or at least every other day.
  • Get quality hair products, and use them as directed. Remember that new hairstylist you paid good $$$ for? Let him educate you on the proper ph balanced shampoo, natural-bristle brushes, and hair polishing potions (glossing sprays) available.
  • When you go in for a session,  pay careful attention to how he blow dries, curls and styles your hair. Then spend the time to give yourself the same treatment at home...every time you shampoo.
  • Read our great bloglet that exposes the "Top 4 Hair Myths"

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