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Free Love Advice: Dear Stella: How Do I Know If He Really Loves Me?


Here's Stella's free love advice:

The only real, accurate test for true love is the test of time. I would answer your query more accurately if I knew how long you and he had been "going together". If you've only been dating a matter of weeks or months, it's far too soon to get serious and try to nail this guy down about his feelings. Let things unfold in their own good time. Love should never be rushed.

Women are known to be impatient about this, and most have learned the hard way that pressing the "love issue" too hard and fast can quickly destroy a potentially wonderful matchup.

Anyway, my answer to you is "wait and see". After the first magical glow of infatuation fades, what is left? Do you find him less and less attentive; less and less affectionate, missing in action more often than not? Those are classic signs that he may be losing interest, and therefore not truly in love with you.

Now, then, have you two been together a year or two, or even more? My advice to you is... do some soul searching. At this point, the "infatuation" stage has passed for sure. The relationship should have gelled and matured somewhat by now. Do an honest appraisal of this partnership:

* Have you two turned into best friends?
* Are you comfortable together, not having to put on a front with each other?
* Have you created a cozy intimacy & understanding that no one else is allowed to enter?
* Does he prefer to just hang around with you at home, more and more?
* Does he treat you with respect and confide in you some of his secrets and fears?
* Does he trust you with some of his most tender and sensitive thoughts?
* Does he ask you for advice?
* Do you laugh together?
* Does he show you affection and thoughtfulness IN HIS OWN WAY? (Not your way)?

If you can honestly say yes to most of these probing questions, then this is probably TRUE LOVE. And yes, he really loves you.

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