How do I ask if he really is serious about me?

I have been going on a date with this guy for 2 times now for the past month. We talk a lot over the net though. Well, technically, those were not our first two dates. We have known each other for two years. He enlisted a subject hosted by our college as an elective subject. He's from a different college. And I have been crushing on him since the first day of classes. We've talked for quite enough during that semester. In a very friendly manner, nothing else. We started dating during the next semester when he invited me to be his date for their graduation ball at his org. A few dates and online chatting followed afterwards. Well, we're still kind of adjusting to the dating stage so it's still kinda awkward. I don't know what happened but we started to fade away after a few weeks. Though still randomly talk online, like once every month or two.

Then a year after that, which is now, he said he has a crush on me and I confessed as well. We were both very happy and had our "first" lunch date under a tree. We even went to my house that day because he said he wanted to see my pet. It was great. Then about two weeks after, after my hell week at school, we had our "second" lunch date at a restaurant. His treat. After eating, we went to the fields and stayed there until sunset. We held hands and had our first kiss that day. A "third" date will be coming soon and I am thinking on asking him where he wants this thing to go.

Do you think it's just fine? Is it too early? Is it too much pressure on him? How will I say it?

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by: Stella

Hi, You need to take it slow if it is meant to be you will both know. Stella

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