How I Met Michael!

by Chell Reinhardt
(Massena IA U.S)

I was getting ready to begin 1st grade at Roosevelt Elementry School in Belleville IL. I was so excited
to start 1st grade at Roosevelt School because I was ready to learn and meet new friends.

Mrs. Cemerlle was my 1st grade teacher at Roosevelt School. I really didn't like her, I thought she was mean and strict.

The very 1st month attending at Roosevelt School. I really find any friends. I just kept to myself and did my own thing because I didn't fit in with the popular boys and girls. The popular boys and girls wore the cool clothes and had parents who were wealthy because I didn't wear cool clothes or had wealthy parents I wasn't one of them.

About a month through the school year! Our class has gotten a new student. His name was Michael Helms. YES! I thought he was cute, but I thought he would be like all the other popular kids, won't except me and think I'm different. But Michael didn't fit in with all the other kids either. For the same reason why I didn't because he didn't wear the popular clothes or had wealthy parents.

The next day at school Michael and I bumped into each other at the coat rack in our classroom and just started talking like we were best friends who haven't talked in years!

After that day of Michael and I bumping into each other at the coat rack in our classroom. We became bestfriends and formed a crush on each other. Michael was my first crush and I was his.

As Michael and I friendship grew stronger. We started to do everything together from playing on the playground sitting together at lunch and sitting together during class.

Even though Michael was my only best friend I always had a thing for him because he was unique in a good way. Everyday when Michael came to school he would carry a comb in his back pocket and before he came into class to see me he would go in the bathroom and comb his hair out. I thought it was cute well everything about Michael was always cute.

Michael and I oneday after class was led out. Michael and I was only ones left in the classroom. I was getting ready to leave all of a sudden Michael pulls me behind the bookcase and kissed me.

All of sudden we got caught by the bus supervisor who happens to be my mother. The supervisor asked Michael and I what we were doing behind the bookcase we were speechless all we could say just talking. The bus supervisor said to us I think you were doing a little more then talking.

Michael and I next day at school on the playground we kinda just laughed about what happened after school yesterday. When we got to class we found our desk weren't together anymore my desk and his desk were on opposite side of the room. We knew why but it didn't stop us from communicating in class. Michael and I when the teacher wasn't looking would blow kisses at each other and whispered I Love You! To each other!

Everybody know 1st grade doesn't last forever. You grow up and move up to the next grade and it was time for Michael and I to move to the next grade but before we start the new year we have a summer break first which was hard for me because I had to leave Michael till the start of 2nd grade

Well summer break was over another school year was about to begin I was starting 2nd grade.

This year wasn't going to be the same for me because Michael going be attending school at Roosevelt Michael was transfering schools because he moved out of Roosevelt school limits.

Before I even knew he was not going to tend Roosevelt school for 2nd grade. The very 1st day of second grade I searched all over for Michael on the playground no signs of Michael I was sad lonely and cried.

So through 2-6 grade I haven't seen Michael but I still loved him I never thought I would ever see him again in my life.

From 4-6th grade I have found two best friends Ani and Amber! They were two girls that excepted me but nothing like Michael Michael was sweet and I could be myself around him but around Ani and amber I couldn't be myself.

Well it was the end of 6th grade my friend amber turned on me and also made my friend Ani turn on me because she told Ani I talked bad about her when I said no such thing so I lost another friend.

Well 6th grade was over it was time to transfer to a JR High school which was 4x bigger then grade school I was going in with no friends again in reminded me of 1st gade. I had to find a place to fit in at the groups there were the sk8rs cliks jocks and nobody's. I thought for sure I would be a nobody I was actually a sk8r I didn't think I would be because were slightly popular but they had a rule no talking to outsiders. I thought to myself I use to be one of those people!

One day walking through the halls guess who I saw who went to school were I went. Michael helms. My heart skipped a beat and I wanted to talk to him. But stoped thought can't talk to outsiders when I'm with the sk8rs if I do I'm out of the group and I thought he probable won't remember me so I moved on.

Couple a weeks later Michael spotted that I went to school there to. So Michael said to me michelle I know that's you but I just ignored him even though I so badly wanted to speak to him but I didn't want to lose my friends I was finally a somebody but Michael kept trying to talk to me so I finally said to him my name is not michelle it's Elizabeth and got my friends to go along with it.

Well I went through 7th grade going by Elizabeth well Michael wasn't for sure if I was Elizabeth or michelle but Michael was so desperate to know so Michael during teacher lunch hour he snuck in the office and grabed the directory and looked up my name to see if I went to school there. He found out the truth but got caught by the principle and got suspended for 3 days

The middle of 7th grade I was pulled from JR High school do to my health I didn't get say good by to my friends or even Michael

I was homeschooled through the rest of JR High school and all the way through high school

Years passed by I still never frogot about Michael or stopped loving him I searched for him online phone book anywhere you could think of but no luck!

One day my mom got me hooked on Facebook as I was trying to find friends Michael popped into my head so I typed his name in the search engine all of sudden I started to cry because I found him and saw a picture of him I fell in love again I sent friends request right away couple hours later Michael accepted then in the chatroom we talked for hours about anything a d everything

Only one thing wasn't the same like old times I was couple hundreds miles away from him I moved to IA when I was 17 he still lived in IL

After a couple months of michael and I talking of catching up what we missed through the years Michael asked me out and said he's been waiting to ask me that since 1st grade then said to me your the only girl that makes me happy inside who knows me better then anyone else and I want to spend my whole life with you.

Well one month I got to come down to IL to visit Michael on our visit we decided we would take a walk in the park while me and Michael were in the park michael pulls out a ring and says MARRY ME! And I said YES!

I asked Michael why me after how mean I was to you in 7th grade Michael said to me I never stopped loving you and loving everything about you Thad day I bumped into you at the coat rack back in 1st grade

I told him promise me you won't leave me again! He said I promise!

That's how I met Michael !

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Jan 14, 2013
how i met Micheal?
by: wildcatpink

That was so sweet and romantic. Thinking that u were in a 1st grade school when you we're in deeply in-love..Congrats!

May 01, 2013
by: Anonymous

yep and i will always love her matter what happens

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