How to keep my love on her last forever

by Smile Man
(Phom Penh)

I want some advice from you, and apology first for my poor of English, hope you try to read and reply as an advice.

I got a first love now. Before I've got, I've try hard of knocking her heart. I can say "It not easy to take her heart". It is harder than try to clamber a mountain, but now I got it, I got her heart.

The problem is I worry about my heart. How long my heart can stay with her? I want it last forever. I want your advice for how to keep it last forever.

I request this not cause of I'm not sure on her, but cause of any experiences of others-I mostly saw that after love they become hate and hurt.

I want to give her a warmness and send my heart as her home. so how can I do that?

All time I also need warmness from her too, and I really love her, even sometime anythings broke into my brain pull me feel like not stable and I don't want this not stable, I want to stable on only her.

Hope you kindly advice me, a non-experience on love.



Answer from Stella:

Dear Smile Man,
I advise you first of all to relax and just enjoy your new love relationship. Try not to force things. Just believe that things will work out, and they will!

We have a nice collection of tips to help a relationship survive the test of time, written by several happy couples we know. Click on the link below to read on.

Good luck to you!

Pearls Of Wisdom

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