I am too shy.

by Bashar
(Germany/ Berlin )

Hi Stella,
I have a problem that I had from like 4 months.
I am learning the German language at the moment. and I am in a class that is called (wilkommenklasse) its a class that teaches the german language for the new students in Germany.
I have seen an arabic 16 years old girl that stunned me and shocked me so much.
she was probably the prettiest girl I have seen in my life and I like her.
there are 3 (wilkommenklasse) in my school. but we can call them 1/2/3.
we are in different classes, I am in number 2 and she is in number 3.
I barley see her 3 or 4 times a week.
but I am too shy to go and talk to her. we just say good morning and bye... etc. I am usually a normal 16 years old student that acts normally in class, but once she comes I get shocked and start being silence and weird.
I want to get rid of that start pushing my self out of my bubble.
I have been in this situation since the last 4 months.
I don't know sometimes I feel that she also loves me and I may have a chance, but other times I start thinking that she doesn't even know me yet.
she has also a sister in my class which is 1 year younger than her, but the interesting thing that her sister loves a boy and keeps walking with him the whole time, so the girl that I love must be the same, but she doesn't walk except with her best friend. so I was thinking that this might be a sign that she isn't in love with someone yet.
I have searched in the internet in hundreds of websites looking for someone that has the same case as mine, but I didn't find anyone, so I decided to write my problem here.
I leave my laptop now full of hope that you will help me in my problem. Thanks alot.

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by: Stella

Dear Bashar, If you are to shy to talk to her maybe you should talk to her sister and tell her how you feel. Stella

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