i can't choose

by sally

I'm 22 year old girl since high school I've been always been madly in love with this guy since high school we've been through many things
together we had lots of problems through our relationship he always though that i wasn't his dream girl he likes blondes and i wasnt
many times he kept telling me that am not that beautiful one time he invited me to the most romantic place and told me that he has a crush
to an other girl his friends kept telling him that he deserve someone more beautiful although he is not that handsome and i'm not
after all i have a good shaped body i work out and i like wearing brands and i take great care of myself we spent almost 2 years
in this problem he kept thinking that almost every girl as a more beautiful girl than me and his friends were real disaster so i begin to think that i'am not beautiful he asked me to break up for a while but i was so deeply in love with him
and i totally refused this what happened is that i met an other guy he made me feel real special
he calls me all the time he stays on phone with me for hours he listens to me he has such a strong personality and such great expertise
in dealing with girls but he doesn't stop flirting and he showed a great interest in my body as I've said i have well shaped body
the thing is that now my boyfriend totally changed started to see me more beautiful and started to try to please me in every way possible
but and the other guy i think he only like my body so i don't know how to choose
my boyfriend from one hand is trying to change he is a very successful man but he lacks romance maybe because i'm his first love?!
he has never been with other girls and he never lies and i'm 100% sure of that but he really is not romantic he calls me when he is not busy
don't do anything romantic at all he doesn't listen to me and his personality is so weak he listens to others and cares a lot about what others will say
he doesn't spend money on me
and the other guy he has know almost thousand girls before he lies but he is so romantic and he makes me feel that he needs me and
he has such strong personality he doesn't care about anyone
so whom do you think i love? I've known my boy friend for almost 4 years and this guy I've known only for 2 month and both of them don't know each other--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Sally you are still in love with your boyfriend. And it sounds like he is in love with you. Stella

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