I don't want to loose him ...

by Natasha
(Dowagiac , Michigan)

Me and my boyfriend were so in love when we first got together, it was perfect. We were inseparable. I moved in with him and his 2 year old son and we had our family but then I found out that I was pregnant.

We were so excited but then the mood swings set in and I was always complaining and questioning him. He would talk to me and tell me that I had to stop because it felt like I didn't trust him.

We started really drifting apart after that because my insecurities really started getting to me. I always wondered if he was cheating on me, even though he had never gave me a reason to believe that he would.

I love him so much, but I try so hard to stop and I can't. He keeps telling that he loves me with all his heart but he is on the verge of being done with me because emotionally, he can't take it. I know that he had a terrible relationship with his son's mother but I can't stop. Can you please help me because I am now 5 months pregnant and I don't want to loose the love of my live and the father of my child!!!!

Dear Natasha,

It's normal to have some doubts and fears in any relationship... but there is no rule that you have to give voice to those thoughts! You don't HAVE to "complain and question" all the time, that would run anybody off.

If he has given you no reason to distrust him, and he "tells you that he loves you with all his heart", then your path is clear here. You have come to a fork in the road; you can either:

1. Keep your bouts of insecurity to yourself until they pass; quit unloading all your negative emotions onto your guy; and save what sounds like a great relationship, OR

2. Sabotage everything by keeping on the way you are now, and lose him. (If you choose this route, it's because you deep down inside really don't want to stay in the relationship).

You have control over your own destiny here, you are not helpless to the whims of your mind. You have got to quit thinking "I can't help it".

Wake up and smell the coffee! The choice is yours!

Sorry to be blunt,

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