I feel unworthy!

by Elizabeth
(Geelong, Victoria, Australia)

Hey there, I don't blame you if you're too busy to answer this, but here goes.
I'm seventeen and I've liked this guy for a bit over a month now but I just can't work up the nerve to talk to him. I hear a lot of girls "without substance" have had crushes on him but he's never been with a single one, he's just looking for a friend. I want to be his friend and we're both doing the school production but whenever I'm near him at rehearsals, I freeze up and I have no idea what to say.
I feel unworthy because he's so intelligent and multi-talented; he does chemistry and physics and specialist maths and his brother was a dux a few years ago, so I get the feeling his family is of high repute. I, on the other hand, am not that intelligent and I doubt he'd ever see me as anything more than a friend (that is, if I do eventually form some sort of camaraderie with him). I feel like I'm just another girl, another girl who likes him and who'll have to move on from him over time.
It sucks!
Do you have any advice?
If so, I'd be very grateful if you imparted it.
================================================== Dear Elizabeth,

You are not unworthy most relationships start out as friends but you cannot make someone like you. you may want to write him a letter and tell him how you feel it can be a lot easier.
Good Luck Stella

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