I may have a crush on someone I don't know at all...

Hey Stella,
So basically I may or may not sound a little creepy but I was looking through my boyfriend's Instagram followers one day *we have since broken up for various reasons* but I looked on one of his friends account. He seems about my age and he is so cute ❤️

So. I immediately gained some form of crush I guess from looking at some of the pictures he posted of himself. I don't follow him yet I do sometimes look at his pictures which only hurts me because I know I'll never know him.

Anyway so I don't follow him. But I love him so much, I don't even know why. He seems really funny and kind of like me and I know looks shouldn't matter but he is super cute 😍. Another problem other than that he has no idea who I am and we don't even go to the same school is that he has a girlfriend...

I don't know what to do because I still fantasize and stuff even though it's wrong and I shouldn't and I see pictures of him and his girlfriend and for some reason it makes me want to cry.

Basically I want someone I can never ever have... I don't know what to do I think about him when I'm alone. This crush is wrong so I've come here in search for guidance... Sorry and thanks for if you reply <3

And yes I have tried forgetting this boy *by the way I do know his name as my now ex used to talk about him*

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