I Still care...

by Amy

Dear Stella,

We were done. Over with. Almost a year and a half ago. We still had the same friends, so i see him every morning. We didnt talk much, but if we ever did on facebook we would have these mind blowingly long conversations. Sometimes we were friendly, sometimes we poked fun at eachother. As time carried on, i started to like another boy. It wasnt until a few days ago my ex decided he was going to comment on every post i made. For the first time he talked about our previous relationship ( we were still joking around and he said "You too beautiful...Haha i made a funny, its funny because we are ex's.")Hes been asking me day in and day out if ive been dreaming about him.
And then the day after we had a long convo again but this time he was a little mean and told me that he had a dream of runing over my head with a steam roller and feeding my fingers to the wolves. (i dont really know if he was kidding.)
We continued our conversation and ended badly i guess when i jokingly said "well fine if you are so exausted then go to bed"
and he said K Bye.
Then shut off of facebook.
I havent talked to him since Thursday. And i just now relize how much i miss him, but i dont know why. I just have that awful feeling again in my chest like i did when we first broke up. it hurts so much, i really need advice...


Help!!! What advice would you give Megan? Just leave a comment below. You could change a life.

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