I truly regret what I've done..

by Muffhie

I was very in love with this guy. We're schoolmates in college and he knows me. My friends tell him that I have a crush on him so from then on, I can't look at him straight to the eyes. I know that he noticed that i'm avoiding him and I know i'm very obvious. And because I thought that he will just snob me.

So I invented a plot. I get his number from a common friend, I texted him and we became friends, then we became a little more than friends,then when he asked me who is the real me and if he could see me, I used other girl's profile and pictures because I don't want him to know that it was me.

Now, I'm falling too deep with him and I think he is, too. I also realized that he's not the type of guy who I think he was. He's very nice inside and out and he's not looking for more of the looks of a girl. But I just can't stop it right away and I don't want to hurt him when he found out that I just fooled him. I don't know what to do now. Please help me..

Should I say the truth even he will surely get mad because i fooled him for two months?
I pretend to be someone i'm not..


Answer from Stella:

Well Muffhie, you've really done it, haven't you? Deception got you nowhere, right? You have nothing to lose by coming clean with this guy, and the sooner the better. If he gets mad and dumps you, then take your lumps and move on. There is a slight chance something may come of this if you stay strictly honest from now on. But fess up now and let the chips fall where they may.

Hope you've learned from this. Solid relationships are not built on deception and lies.

Good luck!

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be honest...
by: Missy82

dear friend...
be honest and be yourself is the very best part to build relationship....i am very sure he will get mad but if he can accept you in and out, i am pretty sure he will forget and forgive....and remember it will hurt your partner badly if you keep on lying.....
wish you luck....:)

speak the truth
by: Anonymous

My suggestion is to be completely honest in the way you tell him. Tell him, there is something about me that you do not know. I am not the person that you think I am. I have been interested in you for a long time, but afraid to approach you. I have even hidden my true identity from you because I was afraid that you would not be interested in me if you knew who I really was. But now as we have been getting to know each other, I have started developing strong feeling for you. I know that I should not have pretended to be someone I am not. And I pray that you will forgive me and accept me for who I am.
The truth is that I am sorry and I really want to be myself with you and continue to grow a relationship with you.
Then sign your real name.
Just a thought!

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