I'm in love with the worst person I could ever fall for...

by Allison

I met him when I was a freshman in high school, and he was a senior. He played my friend. He had sex with her, and never spoke to her after. I had no idea, and a year later I ended up falling for him. He was my first kiss, and I'd never really had a boy like him in my life. My parents didn't approve, but I didn't listen.

Slowly but surely, I found out about all the things he'd been keeping from me. I found out he slept with her, I found out about many other girls. But being stupid, I still cared. Eventually, after crying and hurting for too long, we stopped talking.

I got a new boyfriend, and was happy. But I was so messed up from the first guy that I would overanalyze our relationship, and we ended up breaking each others hearts.

The other guy came back, and we hooked up. And it was so soon after I had broken up with the other guy. He could tell I was messed up, and then he started telling me that he had been cheating on me with 5 other girls the ENTIRE time, and that I was a game from the very start...

He felt bad, because he changed me. He told me that he didn't like seeing me like this, that it wasn't the girl he had meet years prior, and that it was his fault that I was becoming a "pre-sex whore." He said we would be friends, and he would be there for me as my friend always...
SO we became friends..I thought.

Then we hung out, and it turned into a date. And now, we are seeing each other..But I KNOW that he is with other girls too. And he goes too far with me..I tell him I don't want to but he forces me.. The thing is I want to. But I know that I shouldn't..

I wonder why it's so suddenly different.
And he tells me that it's because he actually likes me this time...

This boy hurts me.
But I love him.
I love him more than anyone else ever will. And I can't just cut him out of my life, because his sister is my best friend..

I don't need advice, because I know that no two people can truly understand the pain another goes through..Because their heart isn't the one that's tied up.... :/

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no advice
by: Anonymous

You are right you don't need advice you just need to make a decision. If you want to stay with him even though he is abusive to you, then stay. If you believe that is a better life than just suffering the loss of him and moving on than that is your choice. But do not expect sympathy for the life you live, it is your choice to live it the way you are.

by: Steve M Nash


This is a classic 'bad relationship' situation if ever there was one. A man who doesn't respect himself or the women he dates (sleeps with, uses etc.) and a woman who, despite herself, can't resist him.

This story will have an ending, sooner or later, when one or both of you decide to start respecting yourselves. There might be a lot of pain, heartache first and probably a lot of recriminations and 'pointy' fingers. But the story will end...

But this isn't advice. I feel sorry for you both. And wish you both well, in your development as human beings...


PS Byron Katie does some fantastic work on relationships. Check out her videos on YouTube. She doesn't give advice, either...

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