Im so in love with my ex =[

by Emily
(Melbourne )

Dear Stella
I never told anyone this..but it's been years... I decided I have to let it out...

I'm so in love with my ex boyfriend he was my 2nd boyfriend I ever had in my life.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY love him but I don't think he will give me another chance. I tried to like a lot of other guys but it didn't help = I even thought of changing schools so I won't see him again. My best friend thinks he's cute and always flirt and play around with him and i feel so weird.. i just want to shout out LEAVE HIM ALONE BITCH ! Help...

Everyone calls me the 'Miss popular' and everyone says alot of people love me but how come the person I'm CRAZY about doesn't love me and so many other people do?

He looks at me and I have a random feeling he likes me as well which makes me happy =
But it's pretty obvious he doesn't...I dunno why i'm so into him..

Hes smart, hot, cute, nice, but shy with girls.

HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From Stella:

What are you waitin' for, girl? Ask him out!
I can't think of anything you have to lose by trying.

This guy may well be your soul mate. Don't let him get away without giving it another try.

Good luck!

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