I'm so sorry I made the call....

by Julie

Recently I was in touch with an old flame. Things were going somewhat good and we were attempting to build a friendship..he wanted more...I did too but for many reasons couldn't commit. We were texting, calling and emailing each other on a semi-regular basis. One night after a little bit too much wine, I made the mistake of calling him and talking terribly to him..what's worse, I continued calling him well into the early morning hours..

The next day, he emailed me saying that he wanted no more contact with me or my drama..I totally understand that..I am not only embarrassed for my childlike behavior, I made him feel less than the man he is...I emailed him an apology before deleting my email account and then deleted his number from my cell phone.

I have learned a hard lesson, but more importantly I have lost someone I care very deeply about. We just found each other again after 17 yrs..If he ever stumbles upon this site and happens to read this..I miss you and I'm so very sorry...I would have liked to have left your life with the same class I entered into with.. ~J~

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