In a relationship with an older man

by Angel

I am 30 yrs old and my bf is 47 years old workaholic. We have been together for two years and within those two years we had a baby boy. In the beginning of our relationship we discuss several things that we both wanted out of our relationship. We both wanted to be married and have more children. SN: He has been married before (15 yrs ago) and has an older son (not from his former wife). I have a daughter as well from a previous relationship. We wanted to build a family and discuss building it together. Time passed and things well became stand still. Meaning he didnt know how to juggle having a relationship and work. He mention to me his ultimate goals and what he wanted out of his career. I then decided that may be we needed to be just friends. At that time in his life it was difficult to have an successful relationship and work as hard as he does. He insisted that he wanted more and he would do better to make things work.I would have to say he did for sometime and then things fell back into replay.
At this point I tried to make thing work by communicating what I want and how we may be able to help each other. The talks do not last nor help. It has been 2 years and I am not in love with him nor do I feel there is a future with us any more. He knows this its not a secret. He says he is going to make me a happy woman. I feel as if I am trapped into this world that is just convenient for him. We do nothing I like to do nor hang out with any of my friends. Its his world and I am just in as the mother of his son. I am fed up. I have lost interest and feeling. I don't know if it can rekindle or not. I don't want to be marrying an 50 year old man. I have explained to him that I want us to be able to enjoy each other and our family while he and I are able to. I feel as if he is just stringing me along. He has no attention to build that family we once talked about. We live in 2 separate households and he thinks we are suppose to make family decision and I dont. Once we move in together and all under one roof is when we are a family that will make family decision. I am at the point I want out. Help me!!!!

Answer from Stella:

Get out! End this relationship now. If you think you are unhappy now, just wait to see how miserable you will be if you marry him and move in together.

Follow your head AND your heart. Good luck to you, dear.

Hope this helps!

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