in love with a man i had an affair with

by Donna Sell

I have been married for 18 years and i feel i have nothing to contribute to my marriage- so i had an affair well its been 13 years i have seen this man i had an affair with, found him on facebook now we are talking i have loved him since the day i met him, i can't keep lying to my husband anymore what should i do?

Answer from Stella:
Hi Donna,
It sounds more like you are just unhappy or bored in your marriage and looking for a way out, than in love with the other man.

My advice would be to seek marriage counseling, and/or even try a separation to find out your true feelings towards your husband. You might find your marriage is actually worth saving!

Do not complicate the main issue (your marriage) by cheating with another man. Some serious soul-searching is in order. An affair would make this hard or even impossible.

Good luck to you and
Hope this helps!

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in love with another man
by: Donna

I did try to save it but i couldn't ignore my true feelings i married my husband because i was pregnant we got married after 6moss of knowing each other it was doomed before it began

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