by Teddy

Each time I see a crisp orange leave float down, each time I feel the cold wind's hug across my face, each time I breathe that chilly November air, I will always think of that one person. Sam. The one boy who taught me how to fall in love, the one boy who gave me that jittery butterfly-fluttering feeling within my stomach, but above all, the one boy who proved to me that fairy tales do exist.

We had been close since the summer of 2007, when we first discovered that we had much more in common than we ever thought we ever had. Before that certain day, we were mere acquaintances, but nothing more. Just a friendly face in the hallways sophomore year, nothing special right? But after that day we started talking and realizing how much we had in common, June 21st, 2007, marked the beginning of a long journey we would share together. After countless nights of talking online and getting to know each other, Sam and I became a couple on November 16, 2007.

Ever since that day, our relationship has gone through many trials and tests, in which we encountered many things a normal high school couple normally wouldn't encounter at such an age. Little did we know that this relationship we shared was one to stay for the keeping, unlike the majority of high school relationships. As the months went by, our liking for each other grew into a heavier liking, which eventually led to an "i love you." We shared our very "I miss you" and handhold on our first month, and our very first kiss (in general) on our sixth month. It was exactly one year after we began our friendship, June 21 2007, that we exchanged I love you's on top of a ferris wheel on a summer night.

Ever since we said we loved each other, our relationship has grown even stronger for the better. Despite the fact that I am not the popular girl with many friends and the nice car, I can honestly say that none of that matters to me, for I have already met my future husband. As of our eighth month, Sam proposed to me while lying down on his bed one summer afternoon. The moment he did, my heart raced with excitement, as I looked into his eyes, motionless, filled with awe. After a moment of silence, I quietly nodded my head, then smiled a smile that literally spread from ear to ear. I dug for comfort as I buried my head in his neck, followed by a gentle kiss on the forehead, sending butterflies down to the pit of my stomach. At that moment, I realized that this wasn't just any ordinary, typical high school relationship. It was a special relationship, created for Sam and I to share for the rest of our lives. And that to me, is something popular friends and nice cars can never compare to.

To this day, it has been approximately a year and five months. It is with all my heart and soul that I can say that the negative opinions of others do not matter to me whatsoever. People can say that I don't know what love is all they want, or that I am too young to experience a feeling which only older couples feel. They can tell me otherwise countless of times, but to be completely honest, it wont' have any effect on me, for I know that deep down, this relationship, this gift, that I am sharing with someone else, was created and handmade for me by My Saviour. He has blessed me with so much, most of which I do not deserve. I am not afraid to admit that I am completely clueless as to why I was bestowed with such a gift, and that I owe him so much for allowing a miracle like Sam to enter my life and shower me with more love than older couples can even imagine.

I have been blessed with my very own angel, my very own miracle, and every day blessing. He is my prince charming, who saved me from living a life without knowing love, without knowing how it feels like to love and be loved in return. He is the only person in this world, who will ever complete me and make me feel whole. He makes me feel so alive, with so much love rushing throughout my body.

These past 17 months, have been the highlight of my high school years, and will later be the highlight of my life. I am undoubtedly blessed to have met my future husband in high school, let alone begin a relationship. Experiencing a love that makes you soar and feel so alive is something I have always dreamed of and wished for, but I received so much more than I ever imagined of one day having. I do honestly believe that it's safe to say that I truly have had my very own walk to remember.

Because of him, I am no longer afraid of getting hurt, for I know that this love within me and him will never dim, but will forever burn. And yet, as I sit here trying to describe the way he makes me feel, I know that deep down, there it will never be possible to describe this feeling we share, for no matter how many times I try to explain it, nothing will ever come close to the nearest description.

He is my angel, the love of my life, my hun, my everything, my life.
It is through these words that I hope to one day pass down my love story, in hopes of one day being able to share it with my children and grandchildren in the near future.

And Hun, if you're reading this, or ever happen to come across this, just know that I love you, more than you'll ever know, and nothing will ever change that.

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Apr 19, 2009
HS Sweet Heart
by: Anonymous

Most amazing story I have read. Rekindling the title of High School Sweet Hearts.

Feb 01, 2010
by: Anonymous


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