Is it a bad timing to ask if he's a virgin or not?

by ayamdabest

Hello, I am new to relationships. I met an indian guy online. We started to fall for each other and One day our conversation got intense, like how he'll touch me when we meet. I thought it's a good time to ask him if he was a virgin or not but he flipped out, got offended, and said "there is a time for questions like this" I DID thought it's a good time to ask questions like that since he is in cyber mode. is it a cultural thing? It's no big deal to be questioned like that in my country.. I felt stupid too...

am I in the wrong here? or was he being overly dramatic about it?

Answer from Stella:
Hi there,

I think both. You were wrong to ask such a private question; but he was being overly dramatic, too. Maybe he is a virgin and you embarrassed him by asking. Why did you ask? Does it matter?
Hope this helps!

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