it was only just a dream

there is no perfect man
but i have always had faith.
he was the kind of dreamy guy,
light brown curly hair, honey
eyes, and very handsome. the
first time i made eye contact
with him i wanted to die. i never
experienced love before. the heart
beating hardcore, hands sweating, and
getting nervous when he saw me and smiled
softly. i dreamt of the day he pulled me
away from my imagination and made it real.
i liked to dream about him and i. my dreams
were always crazy and romantic. in one of my
dreams he took me on a romantic date, he
told me how much he loved me and made eye
contact with me for a very long while until
he started hugging and was leaning forward to kiss me.
i realized what was going on i said "i cant, i dont know what to feel or do. this wont work" and
he just looked at me softly. his eyes said
everything...after a while he began to lean
forward again and kissed me softly, he hold me close and tight. i tried to lean back, but i knew
that i really loved him. suddenly i woke up and
saw it was all just a dream. the next day i went
to school and saw him. nothing ever happened, i
just wake up and face reality.

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Apr 01, 2012
only a dream
by: Anonymous

The advice I always tell my daughter about finding a man is: The perfect man is the man whose faults you can live with for the rest of your life and who can live with yours. No one is perfect, life is not perfect, but love is.

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