It's like there are two of her.

I have been interested in this girl for about 3 months now. She is very pretty is why she first caught my eye, but in all honesty i'm not the kind of guy to try to just have sex with a girl, so I got to know her first. All of my friends warned me not to even talk to her, but I've come to know her like none of them do.

In the amount of time I have talked to her, i've grown to like her a lot, we can talk for hours and I love every minute of it, she's actually opened up to me about some of the darker aspects of her past (and there are a lot of them) She has even recently has told people we are "talking" and that she likes me a lot, things that might seem common to other situations but is not the typical of this girl.

Her life has been very hard to date, with more skeletons in her closest than anyone i've met, but I know it's a huge step for her to trust me enough to share some of them with me, because to most she doesn't say a word.

However she does have a very checkered past, she's been the one cheating on boy friends and has a reputation as a very promiscuous partier. I've always been loyal to any girlfriend and while I go out, I can easily control myself and as we've been talking have turned down a few women at parties. However, even in the early stages of talking I know she's done a few things with other guys.

I'm not sure what to do with the strange dynamic, part of her is great and I like her more and more as I see and talk to her and gain her trust, however there is the other side of her that i've been warned about, and know from personally seeing it.

The way things have been trending it's starting to look like there could actually be a relationship that forms from this, but I don't know if I should take that step with her or not. My heart tells me yes, but my mind says I'll get hurt.

Answer from Stella:

Hi there,
I think you should really hang back, protect your heart, stay FRIENDS ONLY. And remember, a woman who cheats is a woman who cheats. Could you ever trust her?

Hope this helps!

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