Keep holding on...

by Dawn
(Haywood, nc,usa)

I've been with this man for almost 6 years he decided out of nowhere, no warning, nothing, that he was done with the relationship. He has abandoned me not just soully but financially and every other way.

We still sleep together once a week and talk daily. I want to get over him and completely leave him alone (& vice versa) but I'm not strong enough. how do I make myself feel confident enough to stop this?



Why are you still sleeping with a man who dumped you in every other way?

You need to learn to love and respect yourself before you will be blessed with a proper loving, caring relationship. I know this is easier said than done, but it is the absolute truth.

Maybe you will get a little inspiration from our Full Circle page.

Cut the ties (TODAY) and then work on your own self esteem, Dawn. Good luck to you.


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