Labels? Or no?

I met this guy almost a year ago at my job. We have been "together" since. I spend 95% of my time at his house. We do so much together and I have met his friends/family and likewise for him. However, he has never made anything official with our relationship. He says he doesn't like the labels they give. So it is just an unspoken subject between us. We rarely argue, get along well, I like him so much and he has said the same for me. I know he has been hurt badly previously in relationships which gives me peace of mind for how he is now. We are more of a couple then most I know, but I just don't know if I should be worried that he doesn't want to take that step or be happy with how things are because I truly do like him so much. Thank you for the advice!!


Answer from Stella:

Your guy is doing the right thing. You have only been dating a year, and things sound like they are going fine. Why push things? What are you trying to get him to commit to?

If you are still dating 3 or 4 years from now and he then refuses to discuss the future of your relationship, write back and my advice will be different.

For now, relax, enjoy yourselves and have fun. You might just run him off by insisting on defining and labelling your relationship.

Hope this helps!

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yes i agree
by: Anonymous

I am in the same situation, but I do not want things to change, or have labels because I am the one who has been hurt in the past. I think a year is not that much time, so relax as stella says. thanks!

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