Legit work from home jobs...

So you are exploring the possibility of working from home?

Good for you; you are not alone! A recent study found that almost 72% of all American households have considered starting a home-based business. And we are not just talking about WAHMs (Work At Home Moms). Men and women of all ages (including retirees) are now considering possible home business options.

It should be obvious these days why so many people dream of earning a living from the comfort of their own home. Many folks who choose this route want to contribute financially to the family. They are looking for...

  • A flexible job that can be done anytime from home (or anywhere) without a schedule, bosses, or even customers.
  • A creative outlet for their talents/skills/passion; something that is different from their day-to-day responsibilities to family and home.
  • Pride and increased self-esteem from creating their own viable business.
  • An uncomplicated way to generate income successfully, without huge entry or overhead costs.
  • Work that allows them to "be there" for their kids or spouse.
  • And eventually, an opportunity to stay at home, as children enter school or leave for post-secondary education or jobs.


Legit work from home jobs...

Unfortunately, when an interest or need like this appears, there are always plenty of scam artists and thieves ready to cash in on the demand. There are tons of online work-at-home scams operating on the internet right now. They are everywhere, you've seen them... put up a network of dummy websites and make $5,000 per week.... sell Google ads or do Google searches and make a fortune. Then there's the offline work at home schemes... heed my warning- these are stings: envelope stuffing, product assembly like fish fly tying. Oh, there's lots of money to be made from all these programs... but not by you!

I have hooked up with a website creation and hosting company, Sitesell, which is not only legitimate, it overdelivers in features and service for the cost. I am an ICU nurse, grief counselor and die-hard hydroponics enthusiast. And this is how I built a profitable online business based on those passions:

Legit work from home jobs...

Many people envy my lifestyle. Seems like everyone I know wants to work from home these days. They remind me how difficult, tiring, and soul-killing the 9 to 5 grind is, how expensive gas is, and that they dream about earning a living from home too. Problem is, they don’t know how to even get started on such an undertaking. Is it really possible for them to do what I did?

About 4 years ago, I was also at that point in my life. 12 hour shifts in the ICU were taking their toll on my physical (and emotional) health.  But I found a solution, I overcame the obstacles, and so can you. How? Read my story...


Leaving the Hospital Was The best move I ever made!


It was a scary thing, to leave a top-paying professional job. But I was a burnt-out ICU nurse and I needed a break! And when I finally quit bedside nursing, I decided I wasn’t going to trade one miserable job for another. I was dead set on staying home for a change. I found a job typing medical reports online. Although it was a huge cut in pay, it provided health insurance, and I was so happy working online in my home office, far from the madding crowd. My mental health was worth it.

I gradually realized though, that I needed another source of income in order to make ends meet. If not, I was destined to return to that dreaded hospital work. How could I possibly go back after saying my final farewell to all those other poor souls who were stuck there? They thought I was crazy to leave the security of hospital work, and I was darned if I’d prove them right! 


The solution...

       ...was sitting right in front of me!


My computer! Could I possibly make a living on the Internet? The notion excited me, and I jumped on it. But I didn't know a thing about building a website! Was it hard? Could I learn how to do it?

I went online and started educating myself. I bought a beautiful page template, and invested in Front Page, software which automatically turns your typing into html (web language). I thought I was good to go. But then I found out about the search engines, and I learned that it wasn't enough just to put together a beautiful web page, you have to get it on page one or two of a Google search, or no one will ever see it! (Or buy your stuff).

Hmmm....  more to it than I thought. But I was not ready to give up my dream yet. There I was, poised to sign up for an online "search engine optimization" e-course when I came across something in a book I had bought about Front Page.

There tucked away in "Other Options to Consider"  was this short entry:

"Site Build It is a unique all-in-one approach to Web site marketing and sales that provides considerably much more than the traditional Web hosting package. It is truly a one-of-a-kind company and system that is worth seriously looking at.

Included in this unique service is a series of automated marketing tools and traffic building features that are too numerous to list here. Site Build it is the only service of its kind and should be examined by anyone looking at Web strategy options". *



I did... I bought... and the rest is history. I have since launched 3 websites (URLs at the bottom of the page). It's been a fun, exhilarating adventure.

But I'll be honest with you. There was some hard work in the beginning as my "learning curve" peaked. But the process got much easier, the site traffic built up, and the profits started coming in, that made it easier, too.

You don’t need three websites to succeed (I’m just a website junkie… never have known the meaning of the word moderation). There have been many SBI success stories from just one site. You can get some more ideas from what other SBIers are doing. Just have a look at the  Case Studies .

Legit work from home jobs...

Today, I earn a substantial income from my websites. I probably work on them an hour or two a day, and I truly love doing it, because I chose niches I was passionate about. [I still do some online nursing reports, for supplemental income and to keep my medical insurance]. Each morning I brew a big pot of coffee, and start checking my email in my PJs. Mama Cat keeps an eye on me every day) :-)

                          See what I have to deal with?


Legit work from home jobs...

Have you recently found yourself among the unemployed, or does your household need some extra income in order to survive these tough financial times? Or do you just want the freedom and calm lifestyle that working from home provides? Then give the  Site Build It! system a look-see.  Creating a website could change your life, just like it did mine (and Tobin's)!



Good luck to you!


P. S.-
If you do decide to pursue this great business opportunity, make sure and download the free ecourse, WHAM-IT! offered below.

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And, if you are a Work-At-Home-Dad, a retiree, or anyone wishing to earn money from home, you can also benefit from this practical course.

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